As outlined in the whitepaper, CoinFi’s platform will include a crowdsourced ecosystem of contributors delivering news, research & analysis.

While that is the final vision, a lot of work has to be done before we get to that stage. We see our work in this area as the work of gardeners – in order to have a thriving media platform where the best minds in crypto can share their ideas/research and users are incentivized to submit timely market-moving news, we need to create the right environment, plant seeds, and then carefully nurture the ecosystem until it becomes self sustaining.

Soliciting contributions from talented researchers and analysts is how we plant those first seeds in that garden.

If you’re interested in contributing in exchange for COFI tokens, please read the instructions below.

If you’re not interested in contributing but want to support the CoinFi project, you can help us out by sharing this post or forwarding it to someone you know who may want to contribute!

What are we looking for?

While the vision for the CoinFi ecosystem will encompass a wide range of research and analysis, we’re going to start with a narrower scope.

Here are the types of content we’re looking for at the moment:

Quantitative Analysis

We like numbers and data. If you have a thesis for how traditional quantitative factors such as price, volume, value, momentum, yield, quality, size influence a coin’s performance which is backed up by hard data, that is interesting to us. We also like analysis that looks at factors that you think might be pertinent to crypto investing such as sentiment, influencer impact, community growth momentum, advisor impact etc.

A note on Technical Analysis: While TA can be used to support your quantitative analysis, at the moment we don’t accept pure Technical Analysis pieces – defined as analysis based solely on chart patterns.

Actionable Investment Ideas

Write about a coin, token, crypto asset/project in an actionable way for crypto investors. Macro-economic posts are ok, but we don’t publish articles that are primarily focused on economic theory or politics. Explicit buy/sell recommendations are not what we’re looking for, but your piece should help a reader make an investment decision.

Fundamental analysis

We value rigorous fundamental analysis. Examine the underlying business model, technology, codebase, competitive environment, team, valuation, or other aspects of a coin, token or other crypto asset. We value well-presented, thoroughly researched pieces that offer an informed viewpoint.

Personal experience

Focus is on actionable info, research, analysis, and data, but talking about personal experience is ok in the context of explaining what made you decide to buy or sell a coin for your portfolio. We value insights into why crypto investors made the decisions they did – its up to readers to evaluate your reasoning for themselves. But providing research and reasoning to support your decision will make your personal experience more valuable.

Editorial Guidelines

In order to be eligible for publication, submitted content must also meet the following editorial guidelines.

How to contribute research & analysis to the CoinFi ecosystem

  1. Login or sign up to the CoinFi dashboard here.
  2. Click the “Contribute Content” button.
  3. Follow the instructions and submit your analysis.
  4. We’ll rate and review each submission. If it meets our editorial guidelines and receives a strong quality score, we will publish it on the CoinFi platform.

How will contributors be compensated?

Earn 2000-2500* COFI for your best ideas and compete in our monthly contest for even bigger rewards (up to +100% bonus).

Eventually our compensation algorithm will take into account crowdsourced quality ratings and fact checking. At the moment, user contributed research & analysis will be evaluated internally by our editorial team on 5 quality dimensions. This score will be used to determine base compensation per piece.

Each piece will be scored on the following 5 dimension of quality:

  1. Convincingness – how well does the author make their argument? How well does the reasoning hold up to intense scrutiny?
  2. Originality – is this a unique idea? If its a topic that has been covered many times before, does the piece offer something new to the conversation? Could you walk up to a group of educated crypto investors and spark a conversation around the idea presented in the piece?
  3. Depth of research – does the article make broad generalizations without backing it up with substantial research?
  4. Quality of delivery – how well-written is the piece? Is it engaging? Avoid simplistic narratives that don’t actually fit all the facts. Embrace data, context surrounding events, complexity, and nuance.
  5. Actionabilitywill this piece help crypto investors make better decisions? If not, it’s probably not the right fit for CoinFi.

In order to be eligible for publication, submitted content must also meet the following editorial guidelines.

How Compensation Is Calculated

For each dimension, user submitted research & analysis will be scored out of 5.

The total will be divided by 5 for a final weighted quality multiplier that will range from 1 to 5 (though we will not publish anythign that scores below 4).

The formula for calculating compensation will be as follows, where Base rate = 500 COFI and Weighted Quality Multiplier will range from 4 to 5:

Base rate x Weighted Quality multiplier  = Compensation

Confused? Here’s a simple example of how this is calculated:

Johnny Bitcoin submits a well written quantitative analysis piece demonstrating how total volume of ICO funding is a leading indicator of Ethereum price and he has the data to back up his argument.  Our editors rate this hypothetical article:

Convincingness: 5

Originality: 4.5

Depth of research: 5

Quality of delivery: 3.5

Actionability: 4

Total quality score = 22

Weighted quality score = 22/5 = 4.4

When we publish the piece, Johnny will be paid 2200 COFI for his contribution (500 COFI x 4.4).

Note: Articles with a weighted quality score below 4 will not be considered for publication, so contributors will earn from 2000-2500* COFI depending on quality. 

Leaderboard Contest & Bonus

In addition to earning compensation per piece published, we will be running a contest to reward contributors who regularly submit quality content that meet our publication criteria.

Top contributors will have an opportunity to win bonuses on top of their base compensation. The leaderboard is scored based on the sum of the quality scores for all of a contributor’s published pieces.

1st place: 100% bonus in COFI

2nd place: 50% bonus in COFI

3rd place: 25% bonus in COFI

4th-10th place: 15% bonus in COFI

11th-30th place: 5% bonus in COFI

For now the contest timeline is open ended, we will be announcing more details shortly.

*Subject to adjustment


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