We’ve come a long way in the two months since we launched COFI on KuCoin. It’s been an even longer journey since we launched our Telegram channel back in late summer 2017.

Even though this is our first public product release, this isn’t a full-fledged platform launch – it’s just the first dash out of the blocks in a race to build a platform that will be the first destination in every crypto investor’s workflow.

What you see at CoinFi.com is an initial framework that we’re rapidly building on top of. As per our roadmap, the most important platform features are still to come. We’re also aware that there are still bugs at the moment – rest assured that we’ll be continually fixing and polishing the platform. The purpose of this soft beta release is to start gathering feedback and user data as we roll out new features in the coming weeks and months.

For now, let’s walk you through some of the features that are already live, and discuss what’s to come.

Coin Pages

CoinFi’s coin pages are now live! These are public facing pages that will display a variety of coin specific data and market moving news. Everyone will have access to these pages, even if they’re not COFI token holders. We’ll be rolling out lots of 100% free features in the coming weeks, allowing us to promote and grow our audience aggressively.

As we roll out basic access features in Q2/Q3 that require staking, early CoinFi supporters like yourself will benefit from the growth of our user base.

Market Moving News Feeds

One core feature on these coin pages is the overlay of market moving news over price charts, as described in the whitepaper.

At the moment, only the top 13 coins contain news feeds, and the filtering process we use to surface relevant market making news is still being refined.

In late April/early May, we will roll out v2.0 of our market moving news feed which will support the entire universe of coins and ICO projects. As we roll out the news feed, we will continue to improve our news classification and filtering process to surface only the most relevant, real-time market moving news relevant to each coin.

ICO Coin Pages

Our coin database also includes ICO projects. We are tracking projects from inception to listing and beyond – this gives us lots of opportunities to perform data analysis that wouldn’t be available if we were to track ICOs and listed coins separately.

Having gone through the ICO process ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing ICO investors. We’re developing innovative metrics and visualizations – some of them which will be implemented in the coming weeks – to provide ICO investors with more visibility into the projects they’re putting their hard earned money into.

We aim to bring transparency to a space where it is sorely need.

Additionally, we’re aggregating influencer reviews/ratings into our database – think of this feature like a Rotten Tomatoes for ICOs.

Our influencer database is still being populated, but we expect it be 90% complete within the next week. We rely heavily on our super fans like yourself to use our product and provide feedback, so if you spot errors in the existing data, you can submit a data error/update request using this form here.

And of course, tracking this influencer data will let us correlate individual influencer recommendations with price performance – more on this to come.

What We’re Rolling Out In The Coming Weeks

As we mentioned in the last progress update, April 6 is a soft release. There’s still lots of development going on behind the scenes, but this release allows us to take on a customer focused development cycle. Going forward we’ll be continually rolling out new features.

Innovative Token Metrics & Visualizations

We mentioned a couple of updates ago that we’re ingesting Ethereum blockchain data, both for research purposes and to create new groundbreaking features that will provide a new dimension of analysis for crypto investors.

Public blockchains are an incredible source of financial data. Every financial transaction that has ever taken place on the Bitcoin/Ethereum networks is available for analysis by anyone in the world with an internet connection.

The blockchain consists of vast amounts of raw, protocol level data – transaction frequency, transactions amounts etc. but there is still significant amounts of off-chain data required to provide the color that every crypto investor needs. How do you predict if an address belongs to an exchange, a whale, a syndicate, or even a Ponzi scheme?

Pulling actionable insights from this trove of this public, immutable, but chaotic source of data is a challenging problem – one that we’re excited to solve.

The first generation of these visualizations and metrics will be rolled into the beta in the coming weeks. As we gather user feedback and our analysis progresses, we’ll continue to roll out more visualizations and new metrics based on Ethereum blockchain data.

It’s an exciting time to be building a data company in the blockchain space. If you’re a talented data scientist who is passionate about crypto, we’re looking for someone like you to join our data science team and help us make data a superpower for CoinFi.

Arbitrage Signals

In the three and a half months since we published this video on crypto arbitrage, there has been a flood of institutional funds and individual traders building their own bots to capitalize on crypto arbitrage. The opportunities that only a few months ago were so prevalent you could trade them manually, are rapidly closing.

Still, some of our arbitrage signals are virtually production ready and we’ll be releasing them shortly, along with educational content showing you how you can capitalize. These signals will only be available to whitelisted users who have staked for basic level access.

However, it’s worth noting that as a long-term play, crypto arbitrage is a zero-sum arms race where well capitalized funds with strategic and technological advantages will win.

Let Us Know What You Think

If you have general feedback or suggestions for us, you can use this form here. However, please avoid suggesting features that are already on our roadmap.

If you want to let us know about a missing/incorrect piece of data, you can use this form here.

If you’re still reading this, all of us at CoinFi appreciate your support thus far in helping us move towards our mission of bringing Wall Street calibre trading intelligence to the blockchain.

This project wouldn’t have come this far without you, but it’s only still the beginning!



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