HONG KONG – April 24, 2018CoinFi, a leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, signals, and analysis on the cryptocurrency market, today announced a strategic partnership with HybridBlock, a crypto e-learning hub, trading platform, and global exchange. The joint venture enables CoinFi to syndicate HybridBlock research and analysis and integrates smart order routing through HybridExchange, HybridBlock’s web-based trading platform. HybridBlock will incorporate CoinFi’s trading tools and data feeds for its intermediate and advanced users as well as curate original research by CoinFi’s analysts.

The partnership, which is expected to ramp up the build and development of more robust product offerings for both brands and accelerate organic user growth, comes after each company successfully raised funding via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) earlier this year. CoinFi met its hard cap of $15 million via a private ICO in January, while HybridBlock raised $44 million during its pre-sale period in March.

“We see a lot of mutual benefit coming out of this strategic partnership with HybridBlock,” said CoinFi co-founder and former Goldman Sachs equities trader Timothy Tam. “HybridBlock is positioned to be an important player in the Asia-Pacific cryptocurrency trading space. We’re excited about the potential of leveraging HybridBlock’s Hybrid Exchange technology for smart order routing and looking forward to implementing CoinFi trading signals, algorithms, and data feeds on HybridBlock’s platform, where they will provide a critical edge for HybridBlock’s intermediate and advanced traders.”

“Both HybridBlock and CoinFi strongly believe that education is a critical piece to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies,” said HybridBlock co-founder Rod Jao. “As part of continuous education, HybridBlock encourages our users to keep updated with relevant crypto-related news, and we’re excited to syndicate CoinFi’s expert cryptocurrency research and analysis on Hybrid Central”.

HybridBlock co-founder Rod Jao has always respected Mr. Tam’s work ethic and vision. “Timothy’s Wall Street experience has allowed CoinFi to be truly innovative and visionary; merging WallStreet intelligence and sentiment software with the blockchain, a critical missing component,” said Jao.

The rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency markets – market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies passed $700 billion in January – has created a tremendous need for education as well as real-time news, analysis, and trading tools. With the partnership, CoinFi and HybridBlock bring further clarity and resources to the market.

CoinFi recently released its platform for crypto financial data and market-moving news feeds. The company is also slated to launch a suite of trading signals and institutional-quality algorithms later this year. This coincides with HybridBlock’s upcoming Open Token Sale and the launch of their platform to the world. “We want to deliver the very best tools for our customers to ensure the best chance of success and this partnership is another step towards that objective,” said Rod Jao.

For more information, visit www.CoinFi.com and www.HybridBlock.io.

About CoinFi

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CoinFi (KuCoin: COFI) is the world’s first decentralized crypto market intelligence platform, bringing Wall Street-caliber financial intelligence to the cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 by technologists and former Wall Street analysts, equities traders, and hedge fund managers, the company is based in Hong Kong an recently completed a $15 million private token sale to further expand its technology and trading tools. CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. With a community of over 100,000 cryptocurrency traders, CoinFi is poised to become the leading provider of market intelligence for the cryptocurrency markets.

About HybridBlock

HybridBlock has created a premium educational platform called HybridCentral that guides you through a gamified educational experience to explain basic blockchain terminology, help you purchase and trade your first cryptocurrency, offer opportunities to develop blockchain-based skills, and facilitate participation in the global blockchain community. In addition, the company has developed several trading applications that cater to traders of various levels: beginner (Basetrade), intermediate (HybridExchange), and advanced (HybridTerminal).


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