We’re now only a little over a month away from CoinFi’s first public beta release!

It’s been another busy, heads down week for the CoinFi team focused on hiring and product development. We’ve been making progress on all fronts.

Contributor Submissions Update

This week we started taking our first contributor submitted research & analysis. More information about this is available here.

Within the first day of opening up to contributions from the CoinFi community, we received dozens of submissions. As a result, we do have a backlog of submissions that we’re currently processing. Current approval times are 5-7 days, though we are screening for time sensitive content and will prioritize publication for these types of pieces.

We’ve always known that in order to achieve the scale we envision, we’re going to have to look outside the CoinFi community for contributors. In addition to soliciting contributions from the CoinFi community, our editorial and finance teams are reaching out directly to qualified contributors to bring them onto the platform.

We expect to be regularly publishing contributor and in-house analysis by the April public beta release.

Strategic Partnerships

One of the fastest ways to grow in this space is to leverage your team and product’s strengths to partner with other companies, in a way that creates a win-win for both companies’ user base.

We’ve been in talks with several other companies in the crypto trading space to explore strategic partnerships. We look forward to making announcements on this front in the near future!

What Problems Are You Facing As An ICO Investor?

The team at Cryptosis.io reached out to us for some help with a recent content project they’re working on to better serve ICO investors.

They’ve agreed to share their data with us if we get the CoinFi community to offer some feedback. You can help out the cause by answering a few questions about your ICO investing challenges here.

We’ll be using the data Cryptosis.io provides us with to explore ways the CoinFi platform can be used to better serve the ICO segment of the crypto investing space.

A Busy March

It’s been a relatively quiet week on the update front, but things are starting to pick up as we make continued progress on product and business development. No matter what’s going on in the crypto markets in the short term, the team is committed to our long term vision and will continue to focus on execution.

We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on with the CoinFi community as we roll through March.

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