These are high level guidelines we use to determine whether or not we will publish a user-submitted research & analysis piece.

If you have any questions about contributor submissions you can direct them to contributors (at)

Quality Guidelines

Quality of user-submitted research & analysis will be evaluated on 5 dimensions:

  1. Convincingness – how well does the author make their argument? How well does the reasoning hold up to intense scrutiny?
  2. Originality – is this a unique idea? If its a topic that has been covered many times before, does the piece add something new to the conversation? Could you walk up to a group of educated crypto investors and spark a conversation around the idea presented in the piece?
  3. Depth of research – does the article make broad generalizations without backing it up with substantial research?
  4. Quality of delivery – how well-written is the piece? Is it engaging? Avoid simplistic narratives that don’t actually fit all the facts. Embrace data, context surrounding events, complexity, and nuance.
  5. Actionabilitywill this piece help crypto investors make better decisions? If not, it’s probably not the right fit for CoinFi.

Other requirements

In addition to meeting our quality requirements, each piece must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for publication:

Exclusive: At the moment we’re only accepting submissions of original content written for CoinFi. We use Copyscape to check and monitor for duplicates.

Cite your sources: When you reference a statistic or fact, please cite your source. When you make a broad claim, back up your argument with facts and logic. If you are making assumptions, state those assumptions explicitly. Opinion pieces are ok but they must be backed by research.

No promotional pieces: promotional pieces are not allowed on CoinFi. Authors may use their profile box to promote their brand but any content that appears promotional will be rejected.

Compelling title: The title of your piece should engage readers and let them know why they should read your article. However, your content should also be able to back up any promises made in the title – overly clickbait-oriented titles will be rejected or modified at the editor’s discretion.

Proofread: This should go without saying, but your content should be free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Proofread before submitting.

Length: We value quality over word count. Min word count is 500, max word count is 3000 words. However, we can make exceptions if the article can deliver exceptional value with a lower or higher word count.

Disclosure: You, you must disclose your positions if you own greater than $500 USD in any coins you mention in the analysis. Use the Disclosure form field when you submit your piece.