If you received COFI tokens, these instructions will show you how you can access them.

You can view the tokens by looking at your Ethereum address on https://etherscan.io and clicking the “view tokens” tab here, as shown by the red arrow below:

To add the token in Metamask or MyEtherWallet (MEW), here are the details:

Once you’ve opened your wallet in MEW, you can look in the bottom right for the “Add custom token” button, as shown here:

Then, fill in the details as below:

Smart contract address: 0x3136eF851592aCf49CA4C825131E364170FA32b3

Token Name: COFI

Decimals: 18

And hit “save”.

Remember, if COFI was transferred to this address, the tokens will already be in your wallet before you follow the instructions above. This process is just to get them to show up in MEW or MetaMask. This process does not apply to other digital wallets.

COFI Unlocks On Jan 28, Will List Jan 29

COFI tokens are currently locked, they’ll unlock on Jan 28th, 24 hours before listing.

KuCoin traders will have access to COFI/BTC and COFI/ ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start depositing and withdrawals COFI January 29th , 2018 at 18:00 (UTC +8), and trading COFI on KuCoin January 29th , 2018 at 22:00 (UTC +8).

As we mentioned earlier, COFI will be listing on Kucoin on Jan 29th, so you will be able to pick up more tokens there, and we suggest you register on Kucoin in advance. You can get more details about listing on the official KuCoin announcement page.

  1. Hey coinfi team, I have bought cofi/Btc pairs on kucoin exchange 3 days ago ( unfortunately my investment went down for like -40% but I truly believe it comes back), and now on telegram chat I’ve noticed it is possible to become few tokens for free by sharing your project, I already did this on my fab page and Twitter, if it’s not too late please respond me I would give you my eth Adresse: thx guys and much of luck going further,
    Wishes Vaidas Gudonis

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