We’re going to have a look at CoinFi’s Portfolio Management System Tool and I’ll walk you through my own portfolio to show you how I analyze risk.

It’s a similar system to what professional traders use in hedge funds and the equity world.

Why Is It Important?

Because you want to quickly see what your investments are worth in real time, what the daily changes are, as well as where you’re making or losing money. Its also a way to very quickly to understand your risk (where can you make or lose a lot of money) and how that might affect your psychology if a correction happens.

Using our system, you can very quickly calculate how much money you’ve made or lost, or how much you might make or lose in a correction.

Watch the video for a detailed walkthrough of the process:



To summarise, the portfolio tool is for monitoring your risk for profit and loss.

It’s important to be able to see where your funds are concentrated and if there are hacking and security problems, it can help you understand what your risk is

Also, it helps you understand where you’re going to be making and losing money each day and where in particular if a certain coin moves in a way – it can quickly predict what impact it can have on your profit and loss.

If you want to learn more about CoinFi or get early access to these signals, you can view our token sale page at Sale.CoinFi.com, or join our Telegram Group here and ask our team questions questions directly.

And to get access to the Google Sheets mentioned in the Video, click here for ‘My Portfolio’ and here for the Alt Portfolio.


  1. I downloaded both spreadsheets. They both show #NAME? errors across all the calculated fields as soon as I change to edit mode, where I can change amounts. This is in Excel 2016. It doesn’t seem to know the label CRYPTOFINANCE in the formulas, as near as I can tell.


    I could probably get it to work, if I knew where that label was coming from.

      1. Yeah, not so much. I’ve copied it to my Drive, but it still says you have ownership, and won’t allow me to change the mode.
        I find Google Docs to be an exercise in frustration.

  2. Hey, downloaded the spreadsheet, looks great. However, the values for the price of coins is not updating? I have a BTC price of $8,000 – when it is actually closer to $18K.

    I have downloaded the cryptofinance add-on mentioned above and installed the add-on.

    Any other troubleshooting tips?

  3. Hi!
    I am wondering if you are giving access to the portfolio management spreadsheets or if this is just a preview of something now your platform. Really appreciate the work you guys are putting out. Wish I could have participate in the whitelist unfortunately was blocked for being in the US although I am a Swiss citizen. Regardless looking forward to the public beta and using the platform.. Thanks for the help.


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