We put together a quick video to show you how you can arbitrage between exchanges and make risk-free money.

These arbitrage loopholes will eventually close as more and more traders try to take advantage of them, but because the crypto markets are new and relatively inefficient, at the moment these arbitrages exist all day and you can make 2-3% return on each trade, risk free.

Maybe you’re thinking, 2-3%? That sounds small – Why should I bother trying to squeeze out 2-3% profit on a trade?

Well, if you’re hodl-ing coins like NEO for example, then an extra 2-3% per trade done just once a week will mean you’re roughly going to be making an additional 100% on your position. Basically you’d be doubling your NEO stack – now imagine how that will compound if NEO moons…

If this sounds interesting, watch the video below where we show you exactly how you can do this:


If you want to learn more and get access to these trading signals so you’re alerted when these arbitrage opportunities exist, then head over to our token sale page or join our Telegram Group and ask our team questions directly.

We’re also in the process of developing an auto-trader so we don’t have to manually go in and trade these arbitrage opportunities, so if you want to have access to that as well, head over to our page and sign up!

  1. You can not really determine how much profit you made in terms of BTC without knowing how much you initially paid for the RCNs. Since RCN has a higher price on Binance, I assume you paid a higher price for the initial 1000RCNs you bought on Binance as well. Thus, to be able to know if you actually gained or lost anything from this trade, you need to convert all your final RCNs to BTC and make a comparison with your initial BTCs before the arbitrage. Arbitrage best works when you buy from lets say Binance send it to Bittrex and sell it there.

    1. Tom,
      Totally agreed with you. I also got thinking about this( transfer the coin to different exchange and gain the profit).
      But transfer coin need time and transfer fee, unless we can use token that is low transaction fee and instant transfer so we are only able to use this strategy.

  2. If using this as trading strategy from my personal view, I don’t think can make a lot trades/profit (Please correct me if I was wrong) .
    From example: In the first trade you sold the token at a higher price in Bittrex, bought it back at lower price in Binance . If you want to proceed to second trade so you need to sell the token in higher price in Binance and buy back lower price in Bittrex again. But what if in Binance the token price always lower than Bittrex?
    How are we going to make the second trade?

    1. If you make 3% per trade, once a week, over the course of a year you will double your money, risk-free. It’s a pretty profitable way to make money if you ask me, you just have to wait for the opportunities to arise. You don’t need to keep doing it over and over again like in your example.

  3. Time is really really relwvant because by the time your coins are transferred over to another exchange rhe price mihjr have changed and you lost the opportunity and wasted money on fees.

    1. In this method you have your coins on both exchanges and buy on one at the same time as you sell on another, so it’s not about transferring them between.

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