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Brave Browser Confirmed as HTC Exodus’ Default Web Browsing App

1 month agoSun Dec 09 2018 17:34:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Project Announcements

HTC is resolved to win the race for the best blockchain phone on the market. Its commitment to the community seems to be genuine and not only have they bet on accepting payment exclusively in cryptocurrencies to promote their use but also decided to include third-party software that makes use of these technologies.

In a tweet published a few hours ago by Mr. Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave Software, he expressed his satisfaction after confirming HTC’s decision to include Brave as the Exodus’ default web browser.

We are very happy to have @Brave as default browser & to be working with HTC on their Exodus phone:

— BrendanEich (@BrendanEich) December 8, 2018

Brave Browser: Using Basic Attention Token (BAT) To Create a Better Internet

Brave Browser uses blockchain technologies to improve the user experience and change the way content providers relate to consumers. The idea is to make browsing faster and more convenient by rewarding not only users for consuming content but also giving them the ability to benefit content creators.

“Once you enable Brave Rewards, the Brave browser automatically and anonymously keeps track of sites each user visits. The more times that a user visits a site, the larger the proportion of the user’s monthly contribution is “ear-marked” for that content creator. When contributions for a content creator exceed $100.00 USD, an email is sent to both the webmaster of the site and the registered domain owner from your WHOIS information. The email explains how to verify the ownership of your website with Brave Software.”

The token used by Brave Browser is the Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency that has recently gained considerable popularity, especially after the announcement that it has been supported by Coinbase to be traded on its platform.

#brave the new browser from @BrendanEich @brave wants to reward users with #cryptocurrencies to see ads and make browsing cleaner and safer #DMT18

— ralfscharnhorst (@RalfScharnhorst) December 6, 2018

Blockchain-Phones: The New Trend

For its part, the HTC Exodus 1 Phone is a phone created by HTC with blockchain technology focused on those users who want to manage their crypto coins from their mobile phone without additional hardware. To do this, HTC developed its own hardware wallet with multi-asset support. The wallet is named Zion and runs on independent hardware embedded into the phone.

The main competition of the HTC Exodus, is the Sirin Labs’ Finney Phone, a device that has similar features but runs under a proprietary Operating System developed as an Android fork.

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