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An introduction to Ojamu - Bringing Ai-driven MarTech to blockchains

Aug 16, 2021 1:00 PM +00:00

As marketing strategies evolve and new technologies emerge, the need for greater insights and analytics has become more prevalent for businesses worldwide, with many looking to get the most out of their data and optimize their marketing strategies.

With the ever-increasing difficulty of reaching your audience and creating demand and attention for your brand, marketers and businesses are transitioning to a more data-driven approach. 

The innovation of Ai-Driven MarTech (Marketing Technology) that utilizes both blockchains and Ai further enables marketers to create more precise, data-driven campaigns and predict the most optimum strategies for success.

Through the advent of Ai (artificial intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and machine learning, businesses can now extract the most valuable insights from their data using novel solutions like Ojamu.

How Ojamu works

Ojamu's flagship solution, the Ojamu Intelligent Platform, uses Ai-driven intelligence, the availability of real-time data and insights, and the novel capabilities of Blockchain technologies to deliver high success rate strategies for brands.

Through the solution, brands can leverage Ojamu’s self-serve platform (SSP) to maximize the efficiency of their data and create unique marketing strategies. Alternatively, through Ojamu’s Managed Platform Solution (OMP), brands can outsource their marketing efforts directly to Ojamu.

By utilizing cutting-edge Ai and blockchain technology, the Ojamu platform can delve deep into previously unknown data clusters available through global markets and provide brands with accurate, precise predictions to ensure campaign success. 

Being blockchain-based, the automated solutions provided by Ojamu can analyze vast amounts of data and convert it into a viable, high-level strategy. The automation provided by the Ai algorithms then works in tandem with the blockchain to process data with speed and simplicity. Naturally, the outputs generated overshadow human efforts by a great degree in execution, speed, accuracy, and overall campaign success.

The platform uses a Neural Predictive Engine to provide the necessary infrastructure for its customer offerings. The Ai-based engine analyzes all aggregated data and applies novel prediction algorithms to develop customized marketing strategies. The data provided is then correlated into clear and defined Ai-based campaign recommendations, giving brands a “roadmap” that outlines optimal strategies with the highest probability for success.

NFT Integration

Ojamu integrates NFTs into their platform to provide brands with access to Ojamu's proprietary Ai and intelligent toolsets. Through the integration of NFTs, Ojamu can provide all content and channel recommendations in the easily digestible “roadmap” format created by the Ai algorithms.

The novelty of NFTs is that they can only be minted and created once. This means that when using the Ojamu solution, a unique strategy is created that is tailored and centered on maximizing the data you have available. The Ai algorithms then work seamlessly with the NFTs and create an “access pass” to the platform for users. 

The pass provides an access point to key industry vertical data and applies Ai to compare metrics and data points that were previously unexplored. This “missing data” can bring valuable insights to future strategies and grant access to untapped opportunities.

Enabling Interoperability and Cross-chain Access

Initially built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, the Ojamu platform is built to be interoperable across additional Layer-1 Blockchain platforms such as Polkadot and Solana.

The range of proprietary Ai tools works seamlessly cross-channel and brings even deeper, more valuable insights into data. As a cross-chain solution, Ojamu can access data points from multiple sources and remove the boundaries often set by traditional data providers.

With cross-chain projects, concerns surrounding network security are always rife. Exploits can be devastating to blockchains, so security must remain paramount to ensure trust in the platform. Ojamu is tackling cross-chain security through decentralized storage platforms, which “fragments” user files such as NFTs and data and distribute them throughout the Ojamu ecosystem.

The $OJA Token and its Functionality

The $OJA token is both the governance token for the Ojamu platform alongside its use as a marketplace token within the Ojamu ecosystem. The token provides holders with access to prediction NFTs, the option to vote on proposals through the governance mechanism, and is used as a transactional asset to pay for fees on transactions that take place across the platform.

The token will be deflationary, meaning supply will be always removed from circulation and gradually increasing the value of the asset. It can also be used to stake within the Ojamu ecosystem to validate transactions and ensure network stability. Finally, these NFTs can be lent to others throughout the ecosystem and can also be held, much like staking $OJA, to generate rewards.

The Team Behind Ojamu 

Ojamu’s team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from both the marketing and crypto industries alongside extensive backing from well-respected industry partners.

Ojamu CEO Hal Bame brings over 20 years of experience in video games, marketing, and tech start-ups across global markets and advises both Asia and US-based Blockchain related companies on business strategies, having lived and worked across the globe

The CTO, Magnus Dufwa, is an Ethereum smart contract developer and established ICO advisor who brings vast experience and insights into the emerging blockchain space.

CMO Fateh Singh brings considerable expertise to Ojamu’s operations through his experience in developing and deploying User Acquisition and CRO strategies for startups across global markets. 

The Head of Business Development, Chloe D’Agostini, is a globally respected leader in marketing, PR, and branding. Chloe brings exceptional creative ability and in-depth knowledge of global marketing trends to Ojamu’s marketing and business development operations.

Ojamu's Director of Singapore and overall Asia operations is Roland Ong, a trailblazer and entrepreneur in the Southeast Asia and pan-Asia digital space.  With more than 25 years of technology and investment experience, Ong founded and managed such companies as IAHgames and alongside roles as Venture Partner in the prestigious Raffles Investment fund, Silk Bridge Partners and involvement in multiple successful IPO/RTO’s such as The9 Limited.  

Ong also successfully distributed and published some of the world's leading esports titles such as Warcraft3, Starcraft and Counter Strike. His combination of marketing and management expertise alongside vast blockchain knowledge brings real value and leadership to Ojamu’s Asian operations.

The remaining team members all bring vast insights and value to Ojamu’s mission of helping businesses predict brand consumer behavior that is key to their business goals.

Learn more at

Follow on Twitter @OjamuGlobal

Ojamu leverages the power of blockchain, Ai, and NFTs to elevate and streamline your marketing, media, and influencer campaigns.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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