About CoinFi

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge.


Platform Mechanics

How The CoinFi Ecosystem Works

Bringing Wall Street Level Trading Intelligence To The Blockchain

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CoinFi is the first decentralized market intelligence platform for crypto. It all starts with the CoinFi token.

Being a CoinFi token holder gives you access to CoinFi's cutting edge crypto financial intelligence through two primary channels: 1) financial media and 2) trading technology.

Cryptocurrency Financial Media
Research, Analysis, & Market Moving News

The media side of CoinFi's platform offers crypto research, analysis, and market moving news, overlaid on top of real-time price charts.

While crypto research, analysis, and news already exists on the internet, there is still no single canonical source that surfaces all of the relevant market intelligence a crypto trader needs to stay on top of the markets, the same way a Bloomberg Terminal does for equities traders.

Fundamental value exists in digging below the surface. Not every investor has the time to scroll through Twitter, Reddit, forums, Slack/Telegram groups, Google, etc. in order to uncover hidden threads that may be relevant for trading. Diving deep often reveals valuable information to investors and traders, but is a time consuming activity.

Our technology systems aggregate this information and our in-house editorial team curates and filters the incoming news articles to ensure only the most important items are shown for optimum signal-to-noise ratio, saving you time and energy on research.

In addition, community analysts who uncover and publish useful information vetted by CoinFi’s crowdsourced fact-checking system and in-house moderation team are rewarded by the CoinFi ecosystem via tokens.

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Trading Technology
Signals, Algorithms, & Bots

The technology side of CoinFi’s platform brings Wall Street caliber tools to the crypto market, and makes them available to the everyday crypto investor.

At the moment there are only a very limited range of signals and tools available in the crypto market. In fact, CoinFi’s very first trading signal was created when co-founder Timothy Tam started trading crypto on the side and realized he didn’t have access to any of the tools he used as hedge fund manager.

CoinFi's technology platform offers trading signals, trading algorithms, automated trading bots and data feeds. The platform includes in-house tools developed by ex-Wall Street technologists, as well as a marketplace that provides access to crowdsourced trading signals. Users who contribute their trading signals will receive CoinFi tokens commensurate to the community's assessment of their value.

Watch the videos to see some examples of trading signals that CoinFi has developed.

The Team

Timothy Tam

Timothy Tam

10+ years in equities trading and hedge funds. Started his career in Goldman Sachs Asia, before working as a senior trader in two Asia hedge funds each with $1+ billion assets under management. In his last role he was cofounder of an Asia Long Short Hedge Fund that specialized in event trading.
Han Chang

Han Chang

Master's in Computer Science from Boston University. Early Bitcoin investor, founded a Chinese Bitcoin exchange; previously at MIT Lincoln Labs, OkCupidLabs, General Assembly, and Lime Brokerage. 8+ years of professional experience developing web applications serving 10M+ users as well as writing black box equity trading algorithms.
Nate Tsang

Nate Tsang

Holds a Juris Doctor from UAlberta Law. 7+ years of experience as a growth hacker in media startups as well as developing multiple web properties that have cumulatively grown from zero to 10M+ pageviews. Co-founder of a keyword intelligence platform for digital marketers, acquired in 2016.
Jonney Liu

Jonney Liu
Head of Crypto Research

Formerly a senior portfolio manager with 11+ years experience trading derivatives at institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Macquarie; most recently, he was at a $350 million volatility arbitrage hedge fund from True Capital.
Alexander Svanevik

Alexander Svanevik
Chief Data Scientist

Manager at Schibsted Media Group, 8+ years of experience leading a group of 7 data scientists to create business value from data. Previously a management consultant at BearingPoint as well as cofounder of Codeus Artificial Intelligence. Experienced crypto trader who runs ICO Whitelists.
Toni Cebrian

Toni Cebrian
Lead Data Engineer

Former head of Data Science at Stuart, holds a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Professionally developed software for 18+ years specifically focusing on data projects.
Zachary Pardes

Zachary Pardes
PR Advisor

Integrated communications professional with 10 years of experience leading earned media campaigns for Virgin, E*TRADE, B2R Finance, Citi, and Investing.com. Managed $1M+ digital strategies for NYC / Silicon Valley startups. Master's from Northwestern University.
Nav Aulakh

Nav Aulakh
Community Manager

Programmatic digital media planner who moved client side, helping tech SaaS startups with community management and marketing. Experienced crypto investor with a background in Mathematical Risk Management (BSc) and Financial Engineering (MSc).
Alex Lascus

Alex Lascus
Community Support

Internet marketing expert with over 5 years experience in Advertising and Community Management. Passionate about anything that’s related to social media and cryptocurrencies.
Elliot Sommers

Elliot Sommers
Community Support

Senior majoring in Management Information Systems at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul. Background in corporate IT support and technical consulting. Early blockchain investor and active day trader.
Tanushree Jain

Tanushree Jain
Community Support

Experienced Customer Relationship Manager and Researcher with an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Bentley University, MA. Passionate about new technology, transitioned from a background in Biotechnology (MSc) to cryptocurrency.


The roadmap outlined below is subject to change based on user feedback, market conditions, and the competitive landscape; it is merely intended as an overview to explain the features that CoinFi intends to implement on the platform.
Last Updated: July 3, 2018


  • Custom Newsfeed with news type classification
  • Improved news and content aggregation overlaid on price charts per cryptocurrency
  • Improved custom watchlist
  • Advanced ICO Metrics (token retention rate, token distribution graph)
  • Improved data pipeline
  • Market data warehouse
  • Accept staked tokens for advanced functionality
  • Coin Screeners
  • CoinFi Events Calendar


  • Initial beta versions of trading signals
  • Prototype of machine learning algorithms for content classification, quality assurance, and fraud detection
  • Token-incentivized crowdsourcing
  • Social functionality including upvote/downvote and sharing
  • Revamped homepage
  • Research & Analysis

2019Q1 - Trading Signals

  • Abnormal volatility detection
  • Abnormal price movement detection
  • Abnormal volume detection
  • Increased social mention detection
  • Best price exchange identification
  • Best currency pair identification
  • Source code release detection
  • Launch premium subscription for trading signals
  • Accept community contributed trading signals

2019Q2 - Trading Algorithms

  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price)
  • BWAP (Block Weighted Average Price)
  • Sniper
  • % of Volume
  • Target Close
  • Implementation Shortfall
  • Launch premium subscription for trading algorithms
  • Accept community contributed trading algorithms


  • Platform architecture for custom signals
  • UI/UX for developing custom signals
  • Drag and drop functionality to combine signals
  • Custom alerting


  • Custom cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard