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Signals for the crypto market

These signals alert you to shifts in the rapidly changing crypto markets so you’ll be the first to know and prepared to act when the market moves.

Signals for tokens you care about

Track every ERC-20 token you care about and we’ll alert you when there’s a new buying or selling opportunity.

Next-generation of trading signals using blockchain data

CoinFi systems monitor on-chain and proprietary off-chain data in real time to deliver market intelligence not possible before.

Learn how CoinFi uses blockchain data and see our partnership with Google Cloud on tracking the Ethereum blockchain.

Developed by professional traders and data scientists

We combine the expertise of professional traders and the analytical power of data scientists to deliver signals you can rely on.

The market doesn’t stand still, neither do our signals

We constantly optimize our signals, remove ones that no longer work, and develop new signals based on market conditions so you’ll always have an edge in a bear or bull market.

Exclusive to a handful of traders

We want to give you a trading edge, not everyone. That’s why we’re capping the number of signups to 2,000 initially.


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