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Ultragate Project Overview

May 9, 2020 8:44 AM +00:00

Ultragate – not only a cryptocurrency but also a job marketplace and an online marketplace. The products offered by Ultragate are fast, secure, and powered by blockchain.

The three major arms of Ultragate are Jobgate, Marketgate, and the new Gambling platform. Jobgate connects job seekers and employers, whereas marketgate is an eCommerce store. The USP of Ultragate is that it allows paying in cryptocurrency on both its exchange platforms.

The project is an ecosystem of all the essential services needed by an individual. The difference from other platforms is that Ultragate has its own currency that acts as a medium of exchange.

MN/POS Setup

Setting up a Masternode with Ultragate is also easier and can be carried on with a user-friendly process. ULG master node needs the user to have 50,000 ULG coins. However, the ROI on the master node is 51.94% per annum. Ultragate has allowed investors who cannot develop their dedicated master node, to use a shared master node platform which is pocket-friendly and easier to maintain.

What’s the Motive of creating Ultragate?

The motive is to allow the users to transact in ULG (Ultragate’s cryptocurrency) and increase the usage of Ultragate among mainstream customers. Further, it enhances the security of the blockchain products transacting through the platform. By adding these solutions and making them convenient, Ultragate wishes to develop a strong customer base.

Jobgate overview

Jobgate is a unique portal that connects job seekers and providers. It connects both sides of the spectrum thereby allowing freelancers to earn income and job providers to find the right candidate.

The employers can buy one out of the three membership packages that allow them to post jobs on the platform. There is no restriction to the fields from which a user can post jobs. If you want a content writer, designer, developer, technician, whatnot. You can post your requirements and get quotes from freelancers.

To help you with job posting, Ultragate offers three different membership plans. They are Package 1, Package 5, and Package 25. The prices are $39.95, $59.95, and $129.95 respectively.

In these packages, the employers will get access to three different types of job posting categories on the platform. There are Regular jobs, Featured jobs, and Fast jobs.

Fast Jobs and Featured Jobs get special attention. To increase visibility, the featured jobs are listed on the top of the page. Where Package 1 will allow posting 1 job in all the three categories listed above, the package 5 and 25 allow posting 5 and 25 jobs from each of the categories respectively.


The basic structure of Marketgate is similar to other contemporary marketplaces like Amazon and others. This is where the sellers can list their products and the buyers can buy them online.

A platform where anyone can become an entrepreneur and start their own online business. However, the difference lies in the payment system. Among the payment options, the sellers and buyers can transact in different types of currencies. This includes ULG, BTC, ETH, LTC, and DGB.

Smart solutions for the Sellers offered by Marketgate

For the benefit of the sellers, Marketgate further enhances its services portfolio. These are aimed at helping the entrepreneurs and business owners to sell more products and earn more.

One such feature is the integration of ULG cryptocurrency with mycryptocheckout. Due to this all the eCommerce stores that are operating with the help of WooCommerce can now accept payments in ULG.

On the other hand, the sellers also won’t have to pay any transaction fee on the sales. There aren’t any product restrictions as of now. All in all, this is a complete package of smart services provided to increase the usage of their cryptocurrency and to help small businesses expand their market and increase profits.

With every passing day, ULG is expanding. The cryptocurrency is being integrated with various online platforms allowing transactions to be conducted in ULG.

Peer to Peer and Escrow

Within the Marketgate portal, as a user, you can also send and receive payments. Along with securing the transaction, the overall fees are lower and convenient.

Another aspect of services is the escrow account that can be created. An escrow account acts as an intermediary between two parties.

Platforms where ULG is listed

After the formal introduction of Ultragate, it has been listed on a number of platforms. To name a few of these cryptocurrency exchange platforms to include names like Crex24, AltMarkets, Coincodex, CoinGecko, and many more.


To sum it up, Ultragate is the one-stop solution for almost all the online transactions needed by an everyday user. It has a market place to buy and sell stuff, there is a wide network job platform to help people connect and offer services. Lastly, the gambling platform, exchange gate and the Social gate are the soon to arrive solutions powered by Ultragate. They are going to add to the accessibility and utility offered by Ultragate.

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