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Aragon 0.8.1 is now live This is a frontend-only polish release following the big 0.8 release last week. Enjoy the latest changes at

@AragonOneTeam8 hours ago

Early AraCon 2020 proposal by @stefanobernardi, cannot wait!! …

@licuende14 hours ago

Aragon is going to reconceive what it means to coordinate over the Internet, and while at it, we'll make it look and feel beautiful and intuitive @AragonProject #aragonDS …

@jayalavesa day ago

A design system implemented in the @AragonProject but built for the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem. Proud of @owisixseven and @dizzypaty …

@monicaznga day ago

If you have tried Aragon 0.8 Camino, then you have already seen it in action. Now we are proud to formally announce it to the world: Introducing aragonDS, the new Aragon design system …

@AragonProjecta day ago

If you are a team wishing to apply to the Aragon Flock program and join @AragonBlackTeam, @AragonOneTeam, and @autarklabs there: this interests you …

@LuigiGrx2 days ago

Here is a gentle reminder for the @compoundfinance, @UniswapExchange and @ensdomains communities... #EmpowerTheDAO invites you to a demo of their latest apps for any DAO launched using @AragonProject DAO framework to use your protocols :) …

@chrishobcroft2 days ago

Really glad to finally see all the work on the Aragon Network converge towards launch after so much effort. The sovereign awakens! …

@izqui93 days ago

Great post by @izqui9 on the Aragon Network launch phases and target dates Excited to see the Aragon Network come into fruition! …

@licuende3 days ago

"Humans can now experiment with governance at the speed of software"  What a powerful call to action from @AragonProject

@parrachia3 days ago

All @AragonProject Devs #31 is happening now! Livestream link:

@LuigiGrx3 days ago

Check out this podcast interview with @monicazng from Aragon One to learn how we do hiring, onboarding, coaching, and offsites in a remote team …

@AragonOneTeam4 days ago

New product category is here: DAOs Featuring @AragonProject, @daostack, @joincolony  #defi #ethereum

@defiprime5 days ago

ICYMI - Aragon project updates: Aragon 0.8 Camino release Aragon Network Vote #4 Megathread My First Aragon App tutorial series Apiary Aragon organization explorer update ... and more! Read: … Subscribe:

@AragonProject5 days ago

stateless stateless money companies @AragonProject

@lightcoin6 days ago

Deeper peek into @OpenLawOfficial LAO starters // here, launched demo @AragonProject LAO programmed by Operating Agreement () arranged LLC Articles and registration filing // this AragonLAO reflects LLC member voting params // OL contractID = AragonID (passed in EthCall!)

@r_ross_campbell6 days ago

#EmpowerTheDAO will be holding calls to demonstrate their apps for Aragon DAOs: 1900 UTC 22 Sep for the @compoundfinance app 1300 UTC 23 Sep for the @ensdomains app 1500 UTC 23 Sep for the @UniswapExchange app Register your interest here:

@chrishobcroft6 days ago

September is the back-to-school time but also a good moment to speak about collaboration & teamwork Check Black Monthly#5 with interview of ⁦@stellarmagnet⁩ from ⁦@autarklabs⁩ for Open Enterprise

@nunjollivet6 days ago
0 …

@autarklabs6 days ago

Super excited by Credao, an @ETHBoston hackathon project for connecting SourceCred to @AragonProject DAOs. This means it will be possible to issue tokens in a DAO based on GitHub contributions and activity.  Nice work @lkngtn @jvluso and cslarson!

@decentralion7 days ago

Where will be Aracon 2020 conference? Vote on @AragonProject to decide where we’ll meet! …

@flakoubay7 days ago

Aragon One CTO @izqui9 gave a presentation on "Building a new digital jurisdiction for DAOs" at @dappcon_berlin during #BerlinBlockchainWeek The video is online now: …

@AragonOneTeam7 days ago

If you too got so impressed with @AragonProject's 0.8 release, and would like to be part of this amazing group of rebels - we (@LuigiGrx and I) are looking for someone to come help us with ops at the Aragon Association! … (Please fwd to amazing people! )

@stefanobernardi8 days ago

Is this the future? Create communities, organizations and companies on the blockchain

@ProductHunt8 days ago

TIL that @melonprotocol has a decentralized contract upgrade process using @AragonProject Agent, that allows DAOs to make arbitrary calls to contracts. Members of Melon Council DAO vote on protocol changes, fee adjustments etc. & when quorum is reached the upgrade is executed!

@evabeylin8 days ago
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Market: $27.8M

Aragon (ANT) is currently the #126 cryptocurrency by market cap at $27.8M USD. Trading volume for Aragon over the last 24 hours is $66.3k USD. There have been 24 news stories on Aragon over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Aragon is Aragon Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.