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Apúntate! Martes 26/11: #Blockchain & #IoT : Adopción actual, retos y oportunidades — Ponentes: Marc Pous @gy4nt ⁦@thethingsIO⁩ Sergi Baila ⁩@sbaila ⁩⁦@Jelurida⁩ Dani Serra ⁦@daserse⁩ ⁦@EITUrbanMob⁩ David Bergoff

@veronicatorras15 hours ago

Mañana martes a las 11:00 más de 60 techies estaremos en @GoHubTech junto con @javisantana (Founder de @tinybirdco y ExCTO de Carto) y @albefero (Ingeniero de @Jelurida) hablando sobre #DeepTechs en Startups y Corporates ¿te apuntas? …

@tohuerta17 hours ago

Great experience working with @Jelurida they had a very busy week #ardor #blockchain #VideoMarketing …

@rhschafhauser20 hours ago

Our Weekly Wins are here! #Ardor block 1 000 000 forged, #Airdrop to $IGNIS holders announced, recap of an amazing week in Singapore and more! #blockchain #Ignis #Nxt #crypto $ARDR $NXT Watch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update: …

@Jeluridaa day ago

Ardor криптовалюта (ARDR) – новая виртуальная разработка … #криптовалюта #Ardor $ARDR #блокчейне

@AvdiuSazan3 days ago

I just published Decentralized and Distributed aspect of Enhanced Intelligence  The future I seek is not known as the past data to be collected to predict it is currently being forecasted by the present archived data. How far can you think? #Ardor

@bajodayo3 days ago

ICYMI: Block 1 000 000 was generated yesterday on the #Ardor #blockchain, marking almost two years of smooth mainnet operation! #crypto $ARDR $IGNIS $AEUR $MPG $BITS $

Congrats to ARDOR-7JVD-6GWJ-4TTK-7KJA4 . 32.57 #Ardor tokens and 100 #Bitswift tokens rewarded for forging on the LZLZ pool.

@Bit_Swift4 days ago

$IGNIS is now available at @VCCExchange with IGNIS/BTC trading pair! Many thanks for listing us! #crypto #cryptotrading #btc #Ignis …

@IGNISguide4 days ago

There is so much good news this week! Another token available on our exchange: Welcome @ArdorPlatform and $ARDR to #VCCExchange READ MORE: … #cryptocurrency

@VCCExchange4 days ago

The Blockchain Innovation and Investments meetup holds tomorrow. Our Blockchain developer @OrdenChain will be speaking alongside other seasoned #blockchain thought leaders. @FaithObafemiEsq @BlockchainNG @TopCryptoEvents @mezie16 @BlockchainNGR Register and plan to

@JeluridaAfrica4 days ago

#Ardor #blockchain 블록체인의 1백만번째 블록이 생성되었습니다. $ARDR $IGNIS $AEUR $BITS $MPG $GPS

Block 1 000 000 was just forged on the #Ardor #blockchain! $ARDR $IGNIS $AEUR $BITS $MPG $GPS

Killer combo: #Android phone + #LedgerNanoS + @Brave browser + #Ardor. Native functionality, no metamask needed. Just plug and play and enjoy a DEX, Smart contracts, conditional transactions and many features more. @Jelurida @Ledger

@albefero4 days ago

#Ardor platform set to generate its Millionth block tomorrow. Congrats!

@Bit_Swift5 days ago

Impressed by today’s visit to A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology & Research). Through #OpenInnovation, they bring innovative technology based on economic oriented research to their partners. Thanks for the tour on behalf of the entire @Jelurida team

@veronicatorras5 days ago

#Scalability and #AlternativeAssets among other interesting discussions in the great #Unconferenced event at @cryptoplaza_es pleased to explain the #Ardor approach to these

@albefero5 days ago

Este martes 19/11 @GoHubTech organiza este eventazo como parte de la #VLCSW19Estarán @javisantana (@tinybirdco) y @albefero (@Jelurida) para hablarnos sobre cómo es trabajar con deeptechs tanto en startups como en grandes corporaciones …

@Startup_VLC5 days ago

The team at #BlockshowAsia2019! #Ardor #Nxt #Ignis

@Jelurida5 days ago

ICYMI: #Ardor is now available at #VCCExchange with ARDR/BTC trading pair! … Many thanks @VCCExchange for listing us! #crypto #cryptotrading $ARDR

@ArdorPlatform5 days ago

We just found an #AugmentedReality Triffic Reward Beacon containing 250 #gpstokens on the way to #BlockShowAsia at Marina Bay Sands! #triffic can be used by #blockchain companies as a new, exciting and engaging way to launch their tokens!

@trifficworld5 days ago

#BlockShow first day @jelurida booth is

@lioryaffe5 days ago

#SGFinTechFest was an impressive conference. I estimate that 20% of the presenters were either developing or building on top of #blockchain technology. @Jelurida is one of a handful of teams who presented a truly public permissionless solution and the only multi-chain one.

@lioryaffe6 days ago

First day of #Pixel4 and happier than expected with it. Starting the Android #Ardor #fullnode #blockchainanywhere in 90Hz just looks crazy!! #teampixel you rock!

@bl0kphile6 days ago

During Valencia Startup Week, @albefero will speak at a meetup about #Blockchain and #IoT, their opportunities and challenges! Details and registration below: …

@Jelurida6 days ago
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Market: $51.4M

Ardor (ARDR) is currently the #85 cryptocurrency by market cap at $51.4M USD. Trading volume for Ardor over the last 24 hours is $2.4M USD. There have been 74 news stories on Ardor over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Ardor is Ignis Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.