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SNICKER: How Alice and Bob Can Mix Bitcoin With No Interaction

bitcoinmagazine.coma month ago

Bitfinex Adds Bitcoin Bech32 Support — Hints at Lightning Network Next

cointelegraph.coma month ago

Bitcoin’s biggest privacy problems set to be tackled by Schnorr, Taproot

eng.ambcrypto.coma month ago

Bitcoin core developer opens draft BIP protocol Erlay for review; promises to reduce bandwidth consumption

We are happy to see Zcoin's $XZC work on Lelantus being recognized and discussed in this Twitter thread started by one of Bitcoin's pioneers Amir Taaki who created the BIP process and libbitcoin. …

@zcoinofficial4 months ago

Bitcoin Block Size, Explained

Bitcoin’s Testnet Deemed “Unreliable” by BTC Developer months ago

5) With BitFi you setup a 7 word passphrase using any words you want in almost any language, upper/lower case + special characters. This is not only more secure than traditional BIP 39 24 word seed phrases, but it's much easier to remember. Then you specify your own salt phrase.

@jaredctate6 months ago

New Improvement on Bitcoins Blockchain Could Cut Transaction Bandwidth by 75% months ago

Pieter Wuille Unveils Two ‘Taproot’ Proposals For Upcoming Bitcoin Privacy Soft Fork

www.coindesk.com7 months ago

Bitcoin developer proposes ways to solve BTC’s price dip; Twitterverse calls it an April Fools’ Day joke

ambcrypto.com8 months ago

Bitcoin Core Developer Matt Corallo Proposes “The Great Consensus Cleanup”

coinjournal.net9 months ago

Bitcoin (BTC) Could “Die” If Block Size Is Reduced From 1MB To 300KB

www.newsbtc.com10 months ago

Blockstream Open Sources Development of Its Proof of Reserves Tool

thebitcoinnews.com10 months ago

BetterHash Protocol Lets Pool Miners Regain Control Over Their Hash Power

What is a BIP? | The Most Famous Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

coindoo.coma year ago

Blockchain in Paris 2 is back next Tuesday (10/23) !! Want to join us and our speakers from @LedgerHQ @Nestle @PwC @NapoleonXai @GLOBALIZ_fr and Chain Accelerator ? Here is the link :  URP team cannot wait to see you!! #BIP #BIP2 #URP #Globaliz

@RewardProtocola year ago

Bitcoin as a Privacycoin: This Tech is Making Bitcoin More Private

Can't forget all the upcoming greatness @DeepOnionx has instore! New codebase including latest #BIP's, #LightningNetwork, #SmartContracts, #hardwarewallet support, #DeepSend, and more. #DeepOnion devs are beinging $ONION to the next level.

@PzYcO3a year ago

Schnorr Signature: The Next Step in Bitcoin Evolution and Why Is It So Important?

cryptovest.coma year ago

Millions in Subsidies Offered by Chinese Blockchain Industrial Park to New Companies

www.newsbtc.com2 years ago

Dandelion Bitcoin Improvement Proposal Submitted in a Bid to Improve Privacy

btcmanager.com2 years ago

You can, but it'd be an informational BIP, not anything enforceable by consensus.

@jimmysong2 years ago

Biggest gainers of last 24hrs with min $10,000 USD volume. $SFC $UNITS $IOP $TX $ZER $BIP $XEN $BLOCK $1ST $PIVX #bitcoin

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