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We are happy to introduce our CoinKit (@coinkit_) to Twitter! It is ready to go with the following integrations: @TrezarCoin @NexusOfficial @BitTubeApp @Feathercoin @_pivx $TZC $NXS $TUBE $FTC $PIVX Happy Tipping! …

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Analysis: 11 coins with sizzling sentiment as BTC wobbles

Dino Farinacci gives an overview of the LISP Decentralized Mapping System. Recorded on 10/10/18. One of the first Cisco Fellows, Dino holds over 40 patents and has been a major IETF contributor for 28 years. @NxsEarth $NXS $TUBE #blockchain …

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$NXS team and community discuss restructuring of @NxsEarth US Embassy and formation of Australian and U.K. embassies. Too many updates to list. Recorded by @nwtechie53 Please RT and share! $TUBE #Blockhain …

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trying out @BitTubeApp and @investFeed u can follow me here

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Market: $2M

BitTube (TUBE) is currently the #573 cryptocurrency by market cap at $2M USD. Trading volume for BitTube over the last 24 hours is $8.8k USD. There have been no news stories on BitTube over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering BitTube is Nexus Twitter and the most common news category is Price Analysis.