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Bitcoin Gold Is an Example of a “Good” BTC Fork

4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bitcoin Gold

bitcoinist.com5 days ago

Abra Adding 60 New Cryptocurrencies in Consumer Adoption Push: Report

What’s Your Alternative If Mining And Staking No Longer Pays Off?

Crypto Under Attack: The Five Worst Hacks That Shook the Crypto World

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Solving the “Dead Man’s Crypto Conundrum”: How to Securely Transfer Crypto to Your Heirs

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Bitcoin Cash Learns Block Size Economics, Ver Says BCH Not Restricted

Tezos Foundation Issues Batch of Grants to Smart Contract, Explorer Projects

cointelegraph.com2 months ago

Ex-ConsenSys Exec Joins Security Token Project Dusk Network

cointelegraph.com3 months ago

Leading Latin America Investment Bank Joins Distributed Ledger Group

cointelegraph.com3 months ago

Bitcoin’s Future Time Delay Feature months ago

How do I buy Bitcoin Gold (BTG) using a credit card?

www.coininsider.com3 months ago

Coinbase Pro to Begin Supporting Tezos Trading in August

cointelegraph.com4 months ago

Abra Restricts Americans From Holding EOS and 4 Other Altcoins

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Bitcoin Gold(BTG)News
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Market: $131.4M

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is currently the #42 cryptocurrency by market cap at $131.4M USD. Trading volume for Bitcoin Gold over the last 24 hours is $12.4M USD. There have been 3 news stories on Bitcoin Gold over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Bitcoin Gold is ReddCoin Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.