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Is Bitcoin Leading An Environmental Crisis? months ago

PIVX, Possibly Other PoS Chains Vulnerable to Bug, Attackers Profit

cointelegraph.com5 months ago

ReddCoin is the champion! Thanks $BITG for this special opportunity!

@IamFine9910 months ago

Voted for @reddcoin BITG address: GbsX8ezy7JAj1tVFR53bmVXZzKzDhhSmRF PS. If you do not have an @stakebase account yet, you can register with my link:

@bbvedf110 months ago

It's Listing Day 2! As you ALL know Nova will list new assets every other day until christmas. The coins making Nova bigger and better on this great day is: BITG @btc_green MUE @MonetaryUnit VITES @Viteseco Happy Trading Everyone!

@nova_exchangea year ago

Bitcoin Green while Bitcoin Cash, Dash, BAT, IOTA & Making Solid Gains

#NodeMarketCap - A place where you can view detailed stats of your favourite Masternode coins including : $SMART $PHR $ION $XSN $GIN $POLIS $BITG $PAC $THC $XLR $ABS $XCG $DEV $XGS $RUPX $BND $XMN $QUAN $GRV $SLRC $BTDX $KEC $XZC $CRU $CRAVE and more!

BitGreen (BITG) News

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Market: $5.2M

BitGreen (BITG) is currently the #779 cryptocurrency by market cap at $5.2M USD. Trading volume for BitGreen over the last 24 hours is $70.4k USD. There have been no news stories on BitGreen over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering BitGreen is ReddCoin Twitter and the most common news category is Exchange Announcements.