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Congratulations to the 5 winners of the 1st BitCore mini-competition at #Christmas we're very happy for everyone's receptivity and participation @HolderToken @metikyla1 @AsAdUBuTT @mtane4kam @dolcepino1234 Please send us your BTX addresses to send them your respective

@Bitcore_BTXa month ago

#BitCore $BTX is the first real fork before BCH and all others, and we have awesome Turkish community. Why not consider to list BTX? @btcturk @ozanyurt @GuneriOzgur @Bitcore_BTX

@Fahim_BTXa month ago

We are happy to announce that #BitCore $BTX holders will be able to manage #BTX with @Trezor devices using the Magnum Wallet's interface. If you haven't tried it yet, check out $BTX now at now at  Here’s a step-by-step guide: …

@Bitcore_BTX5 months ago

We are happy to announce that #BTX has been added to #BlockDX #DecentralizedExchange. #Bitcore is now fully supported on the @The_Blocknet, and tradable on the BlockDX. All trade happen directly from the respective wallet of $btx #Blockchain Begin trading: …

@Bitcore_BTX10 months ago

New #BlockDX Coin ANN - #BTX can now be traded on #BlockDX #DecentralizedExchange + $BTX is now ready for cross-blockchain #dApps with new #Blocknet integration! @Bitcore_BTX provides an alternative payment system. Find out more and get Block DX here:

@The_Blocknet10 months ago

Congratulations to the @Bitcore_BTX team & community for winning the poll! #BTX will be the next token to be integrated into the #Blocknet protocol & the next to be listed on Block DX! Thanks to all who voted! #blockdx #decentralized #bearmarket #cryptonews

@The_Blockneta year ago

The hottest tokens which are still performing after the dramatic market crash

The progress is real Currently implementing a Bitcore wallet client This takes some time tho, cause we have to write it from scratch. Nevertheless very confident this isn't gonna take

@SwenVanZantena year ago

Bitcore (BTX) News

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Market: $2.4M

Bitcore (BTX) is currently the #625 cryptocurrency by market cap at $2.4M USD. Trading volume for Bitcore over the last 24 hours is $1.8k USD. There have been no news stories on Bitcore over the last 7 days.