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B/c ppl don’t read. TL;DR ver. of Stellar report: KAIST University team analyzed Stellar’s FBA consensus and found that it is NOT better than traditional BFT consensus. Stellar is NOT secure and has centralization issue. Stellar is still one of the top projects? #SMH …

@minhokim3 days ago

Neo Releases $11 Million From Cold Wallet to Fund Itself Through 2020

We just released our updated February roadmap which includes exciting progress with LFT 2.0, our next-generation BFT consensus algorithm ! We also discuss: Our 2020 roadmap release Sidechain IISS 3.0 Check it out here: …

@helloiconworlda month ago

Calibra Technical Lead Tells Why Facebook Built New Language for Libra

"Hashgraph can deliver finality even under challenging network conditions, ex. firewalls. Consequently, #hashgraph is *asynchronous* #BFT - the highest guarantee of security a consensus algorithm can make." Read more from @ManceHarmon on @BlockchainNewsM: …

@hashgrapha month ago

The #Lisk Betanet 3.0.0 is officially launched! This concludes the Security and Reliability phase of our protocol roadmap and adds block finality to our blockchain through a novel BFT consensus protocol. …

@LiskHQ2 months ago

OBFT Hard Fork Date Announced By Hoskinson months ago

Telegram Reveals Catchain, a BFT Consensus Algorithm

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that equivocation is an affront to BFT systems. Learn about accountable safety in GRANDPA.

@polkadotnetwork2 months ago

GRANDPA stands apart from other Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) blockchain algorithms in that validators vote on chains, not blocks, allowing several blocks to be finalized in one round. Read more about GRANDPA from @joepetrowski:

@polkadotnetwork3 months ago

EOS Block Producer Claims Centralized Misconduct on the Network

JPMorgan’s Blockchain Products, Explained by Ex-JPM Tech Leads

While the Berlin team was busy with #LiskJS2019, our backend developer @NazarHussain hosted a workshop on #blockchain and the #SDK @BZUniversity in Multan. شکریہ You can read Nazar's blog post on upcoming BFT and block finality here: …

@LiskHQ4 months ago

BnkToTheFuture invests in BMI Capital to facilitate US compliant STOs

www.cryptoninjas.net5 months ago

New DLT Protocol Scalable, Secure Without Consensus, Researchers Claim

cointelegraph.com6 months ago

No BFT algorithm could ever work when more than one-third honest node quit the consensus group. @Libra_ has collapsed even before it is launched. Cypherium’s permissionless mechanism can ensure there are always enough validator nodes to maintain the consensus

Our Backend Developer @NazarHussain recently hosted two packed #Lisk computer science university meetups while visiting his native Pakistan. شکريہ You can read Nazar's blog post on our upcoming BFT #blockchain consensus here:

@LiskHQ6 months ago

Backend developer @NazarHussain's informative piece about the process of computing block finality in #Lisk's upcoming BFT #blockchain consensus is now also available on @HackerNoon. Check out the article here:

@LiskHQ7 months ago

This @foamspace #pointofinterest #poi is the oldest store on #RT66 in #Riverton #Kansas. More at  Discover #FOAM #Cryptospatial #protocol at  #Ethereum #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #ERC20 #GPS #blockchain #LPWAN #proofoflocation – At Nelson's Old Riverton Store

2/BFT represents the worst of both worlds. Instead of a #blockchain resilient to offline or malicious actors like existing #POW and #POS solutions, which are better than centralized database. Using BFT, any elected leader is now a point of centralization so can disrupt the system

@lioryaffe7 months ago

My take on the @cz_binance @VitalikButerin debate … the new #blockchain solutions CZ refers to are BFT based. They improve scaling by preventing forks. Forks are avoided by splitting the consensus into rounds where each round has an elected leader. Problem?

@lioryaffe7 months ago

Could Facebook Libra Become the Largest DApps Network to Date?

Calling all @HaskellOrg developers looking to build BFT replicated state machines: Tendermint apps in #haskell coming to a @cosmos near you! …

@interchain_io9 months ago

Introducing the all-new Remme #Protocol tech paper! It covers: Consensus Algorithm (BFT-DPOS) Accounts How to become a block producer Token Model and Resource Usage and much more. Happy reading! … #BuiltOnEOSIO $REM

@remme_io9 months ago

What Is Libra? Breaking Down Facebook’s New Digital Currency

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