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Could Cardano Become the BEST Crypto in the World? Charles Hoskinson Says so hours ago

Blockchain Won’t Be Involved in China’s CBDC “Initially”

#ARK is now available on @InstaSwap_io #Exchange. BTC/ETH/EUR/USD/GBP Pairs currently available. They also support SEPA, CC and #Apple Pay. Their fiat gateway includes 36 US states as well as EU,South Africa,Russia and Hong Kong with more to come

@ArkEcosystema month ago

Um 22:15 geht's los, @vbl_official CC gegen @Mainz05eSports! Im @ranesports Studio wurden wir gerade eingewiesen, jetzt geht's weiter mit dem Warmup. Auf Instagram könnt ihr noch mehr Stories und Eindrücke erleben, schaut vorbei! Https:// … #storks

BitMEX User Data Got Compromised: What Went Wrong?

Binance Issues Warning After BitMEX Mass Email Leak

bitcoinist.com4 months ago

Bitcoin May Head to the Low $7000s, According to Tone Vays

altcoin.media4 months ago

Dear Continuous Contributors! Your #BMC tokens were transferred from your CC account to your trading balance. Please make sure that you got it. Thank you all for your job! We appreciate that

@BlackmoonFG5 months ago

Proud to say my pull request adding @decredproject to @lightningjoule has been merged! UX is one of the biggest challenges for CC and LN. Joule is setting the standard. …

@JamieHoldstock6 months ago

Crypto Banking Firm FairX Shuts Down Due to Lack of Financing

cointelegraph.com7 months ago

CampusCoin (CC) News

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Market: $49.7k

CampusCoin (CC) is currently the #1624 cryptocurrency by market cap at $49.7k USD. Trading volume for CampusCoin over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There has been 1 news story on CampusCoin over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering CampusCoin is Crypto Daily and the most common news category is Project Announcements.