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$D, $COLX, $POLIS, $NRG coins now have 0% reward fee at  Deposits and withdraw are fee-free as usual. Enjoy free staking

New coin listings on @MyStakingWallet, & bigger machines allowing up to 8 coins for larger portfolios! Awesome #News! #development #cryptocurrency #altcoin #mobile #staking #app #blockchain #bitcoin #masternode #Lindacoin $Linda #ECA #COLX #VULC #RPD #EPIC #USX #SEND #SHARD #MAX …  is back after attack. we are working on new website and some other cool stuff ;) $EXCL #masternodes #masternode #VideoViral #videostarヲタ芸部 #cryptocurrency check it users of $PIVX $TX $DASH $BLOCK $SYS $COLX $PHR $CRW $NEOS $PURA and

*Listing Announcement* @ColossusCoinXT is now available to trade on ! $BTC:  $ETH:  $XLR:  $COLX

@txbit_io10 months ago

Contest #1 Winners 100,000 pageview Banner Codes 1 @SolarisCoin $XLR 491 2 @NIXplatform $NIX 295 3 @DiviProject $DIVI 271 Banner Discount Codes 4 @ColossusCoinXT $COLX 216 5 @PACcoinOfficial $PAC 175 6 @Energicrypto $NRG 150 7 @zcoinofficial $XZC 144 8 @wagerrx $WGR 130

Contest #1 ends 12/28 Current Rankings 1 $XLR 374 @SolarisCoin 2 $DIVI 253 @DiviProject 3 $PAC 160 @PACcoinOfficial 4 $NIX 140 @NIXplatform 5 $COLX 133 @ColossusCoinXT 6 $XZC 137 @zcoinofficial 7 $WGR 126 @wagerrx 8 $NRG 120 @Energicrypto Top 3 win 100K Pageview MNO Banners!

ColossusXT: Armis bringing privacy solutions to the Colossus Grid

thebitcoinnews.coma year ago

The  Community Coin Vote is open for Round 1! Vote here:  #Crypto #Masternodes #Bitcoin $PHR $COLX $XMN $DRGN $ETN $GRS $MTL $YCE $NAV $RUPX $SMART $NAV $ZCR $

ColossusXT Launches Its New Zerocoin Protocol

The good news is that we're not done yet. There's even more exciting news to share with you later this week. We'll be integrating @tokenpay & @ColossusCoinXT on Crypto Emporium. But it doesn't stop there. Announcement on Friday 21st. Stay posted. #CEMP #TPAY

#MasternodeMeBro18 UPDATE: Card 16 1,200+ votes so far @ColossusCoinXT $COLX 55% v. @CrownPlatform $CRW 45% @RupayaCoin $RUPX 58% v. @BulwarkCoin $BWK 42% Card closes Sept 23 ==>  @BrianDColwell @OmniAnalytics

@Kristen_Colwella year ago

$COLX is available on the @Lindaproject My Staking Wallet. Have more power over your crypto. #colx #spreadthegrid #paywithcrypto #colossusxt $BTC #BTC …

@ColossusCoinXTa year ago
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Market: $3M

ColossusXT (COLX) is currently the #588 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3M USD. Trading volume for ColossusXT over the last 24 hours is $473.4 USD. There have been no news stories on ColossusXT over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering ColossusXT is Solaris Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.