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ROKOS flavors v10 • Crypto / Bitcoin Full node OS • Raspberry Pi • IoT  —  Released … #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Dash #Dogecoin #Bitcoincash #Okcash #Qtum #Navcoin #Blackcoin #Einsteinium #Diamond #MUE #IoT #cryptocurrency #opensource #RaspberryPi #distro

$HUSH was mentioned in an article on @hackernoon about $KMD #dPoW alongside other projects utilizing this technology, including $EMC2 $GAME $GIN $THC $KREDS $SUQA and @redfoxlabs_io Read the article by following the link below: …

We have just paid all outstanding claims. Paid claims include 245 @OkcashCrypto #OKCash claims, 263 @Emc2Einsteinium #EMC2 claims and 244 @MonetaryUnit #MUE claims

@Crypto_Giveaway10 months ago

We have just paid all outstanding claims! We paid over 400 #EMC2 claims, 690 #MUE claims, 772 #DMD claims and 720 #OKCASH claims! One notice we have is : No more claims will be paid UNTIL AFTER APRIL 14th 2019! as we are finalizing @CoinFestUK prep

@Crypto_Giveawaya year ago

$KMD #dpow secured $EMC2 during a pro-longed attack, again. Notarized blocks can't be re-organized via consensus rule + attacker cannot predict notarizations. This disrupts building a private chain to eventually use in a double spend, so attackers go find easier chains to attack

@dukeletoa year ago

We hope #ETC comes out of this 51% attack with little or no damage. We warmly recommend implementing dPoW by #KMD It worked really well for #EMC2

@einsteiniumcoina year ago

This College Freshman Is Out to 51% Attack Your Cryptocurrency

www.coindesk.coma year ago

Some very kind words from @einsteiniumcoin for @KomodoPlatform #dPoW 51% attack protection! Already multiple other coins exploring these solutions and a new one will be announced soon! Get $BTC level security today, contact $KMD @KomodoPlatform!

@Jacobstoona year ago

Hi @Bitcoin101 thanks for your recent follow-up article about @geocold51 attempted attack on @Emc2CoinHQ . In your article, you said that the hashrate was what stopped GeoCold from targeting EMC2 but it was actually @KomodoPlatform s dPoW security service …

@danielcpigeona year ago

Einsteinium (EMC2) 51% Attack Offers Diversion to Community

cryptovest.coma year ago

51% Attack Planned for Einsteineum

bitcoinist.coma year ago

It Costs $20 to Launch a 51 percent Attack on Einsteinium and Less than $200 to Force a Hard Fork in Feathercoin

Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack

news.bitcoin.coma year ago

Using #KMD dPoW, #EMC2 blocks will be recorded in #BTC’s chain and remain there permanently. Those blocks will serve #EMC2 against chain manipulation. Based on our research this is the best solution. Good job @KomodoPlatform , congrats!

@einsteiniumcoina year ago

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: The Resilience of Bitcoin

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Announces Delisting for Eight Coins Under New Rules

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Dumps Eight Underperforming Coins

Poloniex to delist BTCD, BTM, EMC2, GRC, NEOS, POT, VRC, XBC

@einsteiniumcoin chose @KomodoPlatform’s Delayed Proof Of Work #dPoW as the Security solution "Every N-th EMC2 #block will be recorded in #Bitcoin’s chain and remain there #permanently. Those blocks will act as the #guardians for the #EMC2 network"

@Bl0ckchaina year ago

Day26|Coin34 - #Einsteinium is ready for cross-blockchain #dApps with new #Blocknet integration! @einsteiniumcoin brings their scientific research mission to cross-chain ecosystems  + Trade $EMC2 on new #BlockDX #DecentralizedExchange #dApp

@The_Blocknet2 years ago

Which coin should be add to exchange? #syscoin #Electroneum #Einsteinium #BitcoinPrivate

@BitibuOfficial2 years ago

Einsteinium (EMC2) News

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Market: $15M

Einsteinium (EMC2) is currently the #188 cryptocurrency by market cap at $15M USD. Trading volume for Einsteinium over the last 24 hours is $2.7M USD. There have been no news stories on Einsteinium over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Einsteinium is Komodo Twitter and the most common news category is Exchange Announcements.