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The Electra Project

thebitcoinnews.com16 days ago

[Announcement] We are pleased to announce that Pundi X, a global leading blockchain device solution company has joined as our new ECA partner. Check out more details here!

@carryprotocol2 months ago

We are thrilled to announce that Electra is now listed for trading on @KomodoPlatform #AtomicDEX, which is one of the most promising #DEX exchanges in the market. Enjoy the pilot phase. Android: … iOS:  $ECA $KMD

@ElectracoinECA3 months ago

Komodo is pleased to announce that @ElectracoinECA $ECA is now listed for trading on #AtomicDEX. Electra is a secure, decentralized, open-source, community-driven P2P cryptocurrency project that is lightning fast at near zero fees. #atomicswap #blockchain #DEX

@KomodoPlatform3 months ago

Electra project to beta-test ElectraPay in January #crypto #project …

@thenovusphere3 months ago

New post (Electra Pilots Blockchain-Based Financial Management System – Can It Compete?) has been published on Techannouncer Technology News and Reviews -  @TechAnnouncer #technology #latestnews #techannouncer #startups #blockchain

@E_Drachma3 months ago

Electra Pilots Blockchain-Based Financial Management System – Can It Compete?

cointelegraph.com3 months ago

Electra opens pilot testing for new crypto payment system

www.cryptoninjas.net3 months ago

@C_PATEX to list 3 new coins following their most recent listing poll: @italocoin, @ElectracoinECA, & @trollcoinbase. - If you haven't yet, please be sure to check out C-Patex as they are a growing exchange with great user support. - $XTA $ECA $TROLL $XMR $PHO $PATS $BLC $

@RY4N_CRYPTO4 months ago

Hi dear users! What a voting closure today! ECA and TROLL won the votation. ECA with 32 votes, and TROLL with 4.40 LTC deposited. But...

@C_PATEX4 months ago

#FreeListing We decided to make the 4th voting poll using our telegram announcement channel.  Subscribe and vote if you didn't do this yet. #ETHPLO (@ETHplode) #NEXO (@NexoFinance) #HTML (@HTMLCOIN) #AIRX (@AIRCOINS_App) #ECA (@ElectracoinECA)

@Crex_245 months ago

Community Coin Vote round 6 has started! Want to see your favorite projects on #Txbit? Vote for them now.  $LABX $GLT $ECA $D $CRDS $XRD $VRSC $RITO $MARC $RYO $PHR $OK $ZTTL $ATOM $

Hop in the #WashingtonElite Telegram room: . Maybe even get some $BSTY $LTC $RDD $DGI $ECA $PAC and more!

@NetworksManager10 months ago

Second round of WIN a FREE listing coin on 8 exchanges, STARTS today! TO VOTE your favourite coin please: Follow @birakecom Vote & Like & RT this post Tag 3 friends and other favourite coins to participate in next round $SINS $ECA $DASHP $APR

@birakecoma year ago

Electra (ECA) News

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Market: $4.1M

Electra (ECA) is currently the #450 cryptocurrency by market cap at $4.1M USD. Trading volume for Electra over the last 24 hours is $2.3k USD. There have been no news stories on Electra over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Electra is GlobalBoost-Y Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.