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Around the World in 2019 — A Landmark Year for Crypto Taxation

Regulatory Roundup: China Rekindles Cleanup, US Widens Oversight, India Defers Decisions

news.bitcoin.com2 months ago

India Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Economic Slowdown, Extraordinary Steps Urged

news.bitcoin.com5 months ago

Crypto Taxation Around the Globe — What Do Regulations Look Like?

Singapore Crypto Association Launches Code of Practice

Proposed Crypto Tax Cut in Singapore to Help Crypto Business: PwC Expert

cointelegraph.com6 months ago

Renowned Hedge Fund Manager Says BTC’s Phenomenal Growth Suggests it could be a Good Investment

IRS Allegedly Hopes to Make Tech Giants Release User Crypto Activity

cointelegraph.com6 months ago

Singapore Wants To End GST Tax For Cryptocurrencies

Singapore Proposes Dropping VAT on Cryptocurrencies

www.coinspeaker.com6 months ago

Singapore Wants to Drop VAT for Transacting in Cryptocurrencies

cointelegraph.com6 months ago

Singapore government proposes to exempt GST tax on cryptocurrencies

www.theblockcrypto.com6 months ago

Singapore Proposes to End GST Taxation on Cryptocurrencies

www.coindesk.com6 months ago

Singapore’s inland revenue authority releases new draft on GST for crypto

Singapore Releases New Draft on Tax Guidelines for Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple and Zcash

Indian State of Telangana Aims to Set up Blockchain District for Start-Ups

cointelegraph.com8 months ago

Op Ed: How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?

New Zealand’s Govt Support On Blockchain & Crypto

From Malta to Prague: What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

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