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We are delighted to conclude the 2 weeks #goAustria Spring 2019 program organised by Global Incubator Network (GIN). Our Chief Marketing Officer, @DanPoh_ , had attended the event and networked with many industry players! For more event details: …

@tracetoio9 months ago

$HUSH was mentioned in an article on @hackernoon about $KMD #dPoW alongside other projects utilizing this technology, including $EMC2 $GAME $GIN $THC $KREDS $SUQA and @redfoxlabs_io Read the article by following the link below: …

2019 Masternode Awards: Best Masternode Support! 1. Gin Platform $GIN @gincoin_crypto 2. Giant $GIC @giant_coin 3/4. Bulwark $BWK @BulwarkCoin 3/4. DarkPayCoin $DKPC @DarkPayCoin 5. Rupaya $RUPX @RupayaCoin 6. Apollon $XAP @apollonnetwork …

Once again the NES team has been busy for the 8th masternodes, the first node of GIN is officially in status running! on this occasion, we want to make a toast! @gincoin_crypto @DeviantCoin @adultchainxxx @devnullius @RupayaCoin @appieaggie @ZenCashNode @3DCoin_io @nulsservice

@NesNodesa year ago

GIN Platform Launches a New Product – the Cloud Node

thebitcoinnews.coma year ago

Analysis: The 14 coins with scorching sentiment as Bitcoin remains stable

Analysis: The top 14 altcoins to watch this week in the dry market

Today we welcome @wagerrx on the #GINplatform! Welcome! $WGR $GIN

@gincoin_cryptoa year ago

GIN accounts just got safer … cc @civickey

@gincoin_cryptoa year ago

#MasternodeMeBro18 Update: Card 13 The Terracoin Army is fired up... @Terracoin_TRC $TRC 58% v. @gincoin_crypto $GIN 42% Card closes Sept 23 ==>  @BrianDColwell @OmniAnalytics

@Kristen_Colwella year ago

#NodeMarketCap - A place where you can view detailed stats of your favourite Masternode coins including : $SMART $PHR $ION $XSN $GIN $POLIS $BITG $PAC $THC $XLR $ABS $XCG $DEV $XGS $RUPX $BND $XMN $QUAN $GRV $SLRC $BTDX $KEC $XZC $CRU $CRAVE and more!

Almost finished with my new video on my top 5 speculative masternode coins $GIN $BWK $XLR $PIRL $THC

GINcoin (GIN) News

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Market: $84.7k

GINcoin (GIN) is currently the #1490 cryptocurrency by market cap at $84.7k USD. Trading volume for GINcoin over the last 24 hours is $1.6k USD. There have been no news stories on GINcoin over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering GINcoin is Coin Insider and the most common news category is Project Announcements.