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@LanaCoina month ago

HTC to Launch EXODUS 1s, Smartphone With Full Node Capacity

bitcoinmagazine.com3 months ago

Out of Testnet and Into Alpha: Lightning Labs’ Desktop Application Is Live

bitcoinmagazine.com4 months ago

We almost forgot! #Ardor 2.2.3 loadtest still running for almost a week in a row, 63M transactions submitted, database size 63GB, average TPS above 100 and all four nodes are on the same fork. No other blockchain can provide such proven performance and stability today!

@lioryaffe4 months ago

Facebook Exposes More Than 500 Million Personal Records to the Public Internet

www.coinspeaker.com5 months ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S10: Everything You Need To Know months ago

#DeleteCoinbase: Exchange Users Respond to Acquisition of a Firm Run by Former Spyware Developers

cointelegraph.com6 months ago

Sapphire Builds 16GB Radeon for Crypto-Mining

thebitcoinnews.com7 months ago

Despite Slump in Crypto Prices, Bitcoin ATMs More Than Doubled in 2018

#DENT just reached 4,8M Users! @Ericsson Mobility Report is out:  In 2018 global mobile data traffic per smartphone per month is 5.6GB, to grow to 21GB in 2024 (a 24% CAGR growth rate)! #Dentcoin #BTC #ETH #Blockchain #bitcoin #crypto #esim #5G

@dentcoin9 months ago

An average persons genome takes up around 200GB of data storage #shivom #genome #storage #DNA #bigdata #genetic #health #healthylifestyle #healthychoices

@ProjectShivom10 months ago

The pools  and  are now also suitable for mobile miners (scavenger on Android). You can start as low as 16GB free space, expect 100k Planck per GB/day. Android setup: …

@PoC_Consortium10 months ago

@MODULE_Project is a #blockchain-based platform offering an asset of free mobile device storage. It allows users to mine and rent unused GB even from small portable #devices, which means that any mobile phone owner will be able to #earn. …

@MODULE_Projecta year ago

Genaro FAQWhat are the advantages of storing data using Genaro Eden compared to Dropbox & Google Drive? Firstly, Genaro Eden gives 25GB free space for the first year. The next reason is privacy. Learn more: … 6e5b8ab43425

@GenaroNetworka year ago

Startup Launches ‘Complete Redesign’ of Blockchain to Address Scalability Concerns

cointelegraph.coma year ago

Global Brain and KDDI invest in IoT device management platform Resin

www.cryptoninjas.neta year ago

Day 4 of Ocean Internal Hackathonfest!

@oceanprotocola year ago

The first $gbyte Use-a-Thon is taking place at the Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela. Teams must devise innovative uses for the #Byteball platform, off-the-shelf or developed, in a local community. See  for details. 3.5 GB in

@slackjorea year ago
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Market: $25.1k

GoldBlocks (GB) is currently the #1733 cryptocurrency by market cap at $25.1k USD. Trading volume for GoldBlocks over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There have been no news stories on GoldBlocks over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering GoldBlocks is Bitcoin Magazine and the most common news category is Project Announcements.