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Heading to work to 1st day of new system in #GP surgery. Let’s #keeptheschoolsopen until the right EXPERT-LED time, so essential health services staffed by working parents can open. If you are tweeting #closetheschoolsuknow - U obviously don’t care about #NHS working parents

@Dr_Ellie18 days ago

Could removing GP home visits be for the better? Although a very difficult debate and a very lengthy process, motions like these do drive conversation around possible new solutions that can be implemented to make operations more efficient.  #NHS

@medical_chain2 months ago

With our revolutionary blockchain technology, healthcare professionals can: store, access and manage medical records securely, collaborate and communicate. #GP #Blockchain #Healthcare

@medical_chain5 months ago

What is it like being a #GP in the @NHSuk? Listen to our #CEO #Doctor Albeyatti discuss his invaluable insights

@medical_chain8 months ago

More #patients are struggling to get hold of their #GP, with 31.7% stating it is "not easy". Yet, when patients do get an appointment, they are often highly satisfied. We need digital #telemedicine solutions to connect patients seamlessly with #doctors.

@medical_chain9 months ago

A New Age Of Privacy Begins With The Blockchain: Health Records In Focus months ago

Patients having access to their notes and sharing them with their #GP will help to protect against rogue service providers, also protecting patients from incorrect procedures being kept in the dark! #Private hospitals must do more to keep patients #safe.

@medical_chaina year ago

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