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Zclassic Bulletin Sept Implementation of 192_7 makes ASIC mining theoretically impossible If you wish to connect your GPU for mining, you can join @pool2miners @EquiHubPro  @f2pool_official @Mining_Dutch

@ZclassicCoin4 hours ago
0 Secures €1 Million in Funding to Launch Its Next-gen Exchange (SPONSORED)

iPhone 11 Has Highest Quality Video, Fastest CPU and GPU Ever in Smartphone

www.coinspeaker.com7 days ago

Last Week On September 2, 2019, The Epic Cash Mainnet Launched days ago

Ethereum: ProgPoW high level design goals are reasonable towards achieving its intended economic effect

eng.ambcrypto.com10 days ago

BitCherry Chief Scientist and Chairman of North American Blockchain Foundation Bob Qin talks about “Decentralized distributed computing: Distributed e-commerce network public chain innovation”

www.coinspeaker.com23 days ago

Crypto Mining Equipment Found At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant

www.ethnews.coma month ago

Crypto Mining Hardware Found at Nuclear Power Plant

coindoo.coma month ago

Nvidia Pulls Through Crypto Winter — Quarterly Earnings Rise 16%

cointelegraph.coma month ago

Collatz conjecture, the famous math problem, remains unproven. The largest sequence ever calculated has 2830 steps before eventually reaching 1. It was computed in August 2017 by a #Gridcoin user. You can try to beat that record with your very own GPU! …

@GridcoinNetworka month ago

Crypto miner HIVE partners with Blockbase to optimize GPUs at Sweden facility

HIVE Partners With Blockbase to Optimize Mining

btcmanager.coma month ago

How To Mine Ethereum

usethebitcoin.coma month ago

#ICYMI The New One-Click Miner has now been released as a beta! Check it out now! … #OCM #GPUMiner #Vertcoin $VTC #GPU #gaming #earnmoney

@Vertcoin2 months ago

Grin Pulls Off Its First Network Hard Fork

www.ethnews.com2 months ago

Ergo Mining @Telegram group is now open Both CPU and GPU miners are welcome to join. AMD GPU mining software will be available soon.  #Scorex #Blockchain #ZKProof #ErgoScript #PoW #Cryptocurrency #Tech #News $EFYT

@ergoplatformorg3 months ago

Glad to be a part of @f2pool_official (that runs a PPS Zcoin pool) and @bitfishlabs 6th Anniversary and to meet both old and new friends. Also got to meet Bamboo from @zmineofficial GPU mining farm a huge supporter of Zcoin and

@zcoinofficial3 months ago

We're celebrating #E32019 by giving away $50,000+ in high end PC hardware! Retweet this video for an entry and look out for more chances to get #RTXOn (with a new GPU, laptop, PC, and more) on our social all throughout E3! …

@NVIDIAGeForce3 months ago

Want to make a lasting contribution to the #crypto ecosystem with your programming skills? Come build with us: … Participants get access to paid tutorials & live workshops from our all-star crew of partners, plus $100K in prizes. #GPU #HPC

@CodaProtocol3 months ago

XMR: Could A Monero Hard Fork Lead To Unprofitable Mining? months ago

#Vertcoin was created as a #GPU mined version of #Bitcoin. This enables greater spread of security long term compared to #ASICs. If enough devices mine the network, $VTC represents a viable alternative to the Bitcoin ASIC mined security model. …

@Vertcoin4 months ago

The most profitable "GPU" coin to mine according to @WhatToMine is @BeamPrivacy:

@vcorem4 months ago

The Man Behind Bitcoin Pizza Day Is More Than A Meme: He’s a Mining Pioneer

through the use of @boidcom , the amount of GPU and CPU power that people would use to get those extra tokens would be helping out cancer research, so it's a win-win scenario in my opinion and would allow small EOS stakeholders that are out of funds to invest to get the tokens /2

@Teutonium4 months ago

ETC is one of the most profitable coins to mine with GPU's now. @ClassicIsComing Check out 2Miners PPLNS mining pool luck. With that luck you could make 5-10% more ETC daily. Good Luck! ;)

@pool2miners4 months ago
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