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IDEX Claims Creation of ‘Infinite Scaling Solution for Ethereum’

cryptopost.com2 days ago

IDEX Claims Creation of 'Infinite Scaling Solution for Ethereum'

cointelegraph.com2 days ago

IDEX targets Q1 2020 for launch of its next-gen crypto exchange

www.cryptoninjas.net13 days ago

Who says DEXs are slow and clumsy? IDEX is about to change the game... … By @christinacomben | @idexio | #IDEX #DEX

@CoinRivet13 days ago

An Overview & Comparison of Decentralized Exchanges This article will examine and compare the DEX protocols of 8 prominent projects: 0x, IDEX, Waves, Loopring, Kyber Network, Decred, Nash Exchange, and #AtomicDEX. #DEX #KMD #blockchain #atomicswap …

Is It Time To Buy 1UP Tokens And Level Up Your Uptrennd Account? Why I Think The Time Is Now!

John McAfee Launches Non-Custodial DEX on Ethereum

bitcoinist.coma month ago

$HBT - ask thinning out in IDEX in advance of the Microsoft partnership presentation on Thursday. Already up 800% on my buys from the lows but this could have the 50 X 100 x potential

@Smudgedann2 months ago

IDEX wants to develop next version of exchange on Algorand

www.cryptoninjas.net2 months ago

Today @idexio joins the Algorand ecosystem! As one of @Algo_Capital’s initial portfolio companies, we are excited to see IDEX develop advancements for financial tools & services in the #borderlesseconomy …

@Algorand2 months ago

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you exciting news: IDEX Plans for Next-Generation Decentralized Exchange on @Algorand …

@idexio2 months ago

Platinum Q DAO Engineering Reports: Trade Q DAO, USDQ & KRWQ on IDEX Now!

www.coinspeaker.com3 months ago

Crypto exchange IDEX set to begin transition period for KYC and AML compliance

www.cryptoninjas.net4 months ago
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Market: $6.1M

IDEX (IDEX) is currently the #401 cryptocurrency by market cap at $6.1M USD. Trading volume for IDEX over the last 24 hours is $1.8k USD. There have been 2 news stories on IDEX over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering IDEX is CryptoNinjas and the most common news category is Project Announcements.