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That's easy. BitTorrent isn't designed like Steem, so @justinsuntron can't ruin it. (And $LBC was only delisted because Justin bought Polo and is scared of us) …

@LBRYioa month ago

CryptoDaily Ultimate Guide to LBRY month ago

Blockbuster News for LBRY! months ago

Crypto Social Media Rewards for January 2020. months ago

LocalBitcoins Quietly Suspends Accounts in Multiple Regions Without Notice

cointelegraph.com2 months ago

To Celebrate the Chinese New Year, CoinEx together with @pigeoncoin @sumokoin @LBRYio @ChainSpock will airdrop red packets of 888888 PoW coins including LBC, PGN, ACM, SUMO, SPOKE and CET on 25 Jan (UTC+8)! Mark your calendar and join the group now! …

Now that #YouTube has started censoring crypto-content, what is the best decentralized video platform our community should move to? VOTE! $LBC $FLIXX $TUBE $THETA @LBRYio @flixxo @BitTubeApp @Theta_Network

@beincrypto3 months ago

Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, ZEN, SBTC

texto tweet originalMajor crypto exchange Poloniex is delisting six digital currencies: Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY Credits …

Poloniex Delists Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY

Top #crypto this week based on Github activity 1- Nuls @Nuls 2. Insolar @insolario 3. Augur @AugurProject 4. 0x @0xProject 5. Aeternity @aeternity 6. Lisk @LiskHQ 7. SingularityNET @singularity_net 8.Aragon @AragonProject 9. LBRY Credits @LBRYio 10. CyberMiles

@coincodecap7 months ago

#Crypto Heat Ranking from @coincodecap 1. Insolar @insolario 2. Skycoin @Skycoinproject 3. SingularityNET @singularity_net 4. Cardano @CardanoStiftung 5. LBRY Credits @LBRYio 6. Ethereum @ethereum 7. @cybermiles 8. Golem @golemproject 9. 0x @0xProject 10. EOS

@BlockcastLR8 months ago

Meetup Join us in the #LBC Thursday 4/25 at 7PM PST to talk crypto! I will be talking about @RapidsRPD and @MonetaryUnit Airdrops of $RPD and $MUE will be handed out …

LBRY Credits (LBC) News

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Market: $3.7M

LBRY Credits (LBC) is currently the #497 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3.7M USD. Trading volume for LBRY Credits over the last 24 hours is $86.3k USD. There have been no news stories on LBRY Credits over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering LBRY Credits is Cointelegraph and the most common news category is Project Announcements.