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#Luxgate Alpha finally out there! This is a product that most of the early people on $LUX tought it would never see the day. Really hope this bring people to look at how the team have change and what we have accomplish during the last months. Read more

@Ars0nic2 months ago

$LUX #LuxGate Alpha testing has been successful and we are pushing ahead! LuxGate will empower crypto users to trade in a trustless, peer-to-peer process that is simple and safe. We have a new intro to LuxGate answering some of the questions you may have:

@LUX_COIN2 months ago

I have been working hard lately to finish the new #LUXGATE design.. i'm coming to an end and should be able to release the mockups & more exciting things about Luxgate in the coming days. Stay tune! $LUX

@Ars0nic4 months ago

Luxcore 2019 Roadmap: New Products, Developments, Improvements, and More

Latest beta release of the #LUXCORE PoS Mobile Wallet before the official release real soon. Now including fingerprint / Face Auth to secure your transactions and push notification for all your $LUX stakes! android: … ios:  (Limitied)

@Ars0nic5 months ago

Nice write up on #NavCoin along side some other interesting small market cap cryptos by the team at @BlockchainSEO … $LUX $AMB $NAV $SONM $RVN

@NavCoin6 months ago

We just released Part 4 of our ultimate guide to small market cap #cryptocurrencies! Let us know your favorites in the comments! . @NavCoin, @sonmdevelopment, @LUX_COIN, @AmbrosusAMB, @Ravencoin. $SONM, $LUX, $NAV, $RVN, $AMB. #blockchain, #cryptocurrency

We are happy to announce the release of our new wallet v5.3.0. This is a mandatory update before block 580 000 to ensure that you stay on the right chain. For any support joins our discord server at any time. $LUX …

@LUX_COIN7 months ago

Tomorrows crypto events (12 Dez): @Bytecoin_BCN (#BCN) — Stagenet Hardfork @GenaroNetwork (#GNX) — Mainnet Launch @bionic_coin (#BNC) — Android and IOS Wallets Testing @LUX_COIN (#LUX) — Air on InnovateTV #Bytecoin #GenaroNetwork #LUXCoin #Bionic

3 Small Market Cap Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2019

What are LUXCoin and Luxcore? Introduction to LUX Token

coindoo.com9 months ago

We have been successful in running tests of our #poswebwallet as-a-service in collaboration with @EspersCoin. Everything ran smoothly and worked perfectly. What should be the next coin you would like to see run a series of tests with $LUX POS Web Wallet?

@LUX_COIN10 months ago

How Blockchain Stands to Transform the Luxury Economy with Digital Assets

www.coinspeaker.com10 months ago

Wagerr @wagerrx $WGR is killing it! Still plenty of time for some competition but the community behind Wagerr is incredible! We haven't seen this many votes since $LUX and $NIX fought it out a few weeks ago. $ZEN, $NAV, $CMT, lets see some action! …

Thanks @nulltxnews for mentioning #DMD Diamond as one of the most valuable #masternode coin to watch. … #dmdcoin #crypto #bittrex #bitcoin #dash #pivx #ion #btc #ethereum #eth #xrp #bch #Blocknet #Luxcoin #CRYPTOCURRENCY #blockchain #trx #binance #huobi

@dmdcoina year ago
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Market: $1.5M

LUXCoin (LUX) is currently the #655 cryptocurrency by market cap at $1.5M USD. Trading volume for LUXCoin over the last 24 hours is $599.2 USD. There have been no news stories on LUXCoin over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering LUXCoin is Espers Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.