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American Airlines extends Boeing 737 MAX cancellations for fourth time

@kobocoindev6 months ago

Now anyone in Europe can purchase $TPAY with their local or online stock account connected with their bank. Look for the ISIN number. And the first 10 people who document this with video and screenshots get 500 TPAY. Minimum purchase is 1000 USD, MAX? 50 million. …

@derekcapo9 months ago

New coin listings on @MyStakingWallet, & bigger machines allowing up to 8 coins for larger portfolios! Awesome #News! #development #cryptocurrency #altcoin #mobile #staking #app #blockchain #bitcoin #masternode #Lindacoin $Linda #ECA #COLX #VULC #RPD #EPIC #USX #SEND #SHARD #MAX …

1/5 LN vs $DGB Takes 2x tx *minimum* to onboard to LN. 3-4 ideally for more channels. 250bytes per-tx, 1M BTC blocks, 4000tx MAX per-block 144blocks/day = 576k tx/day 1 billion users = 3472 days, 1 decade A century for the worlds population. 12yrs min for LTC/VTC. 24yrs ideally!

@dgb_chillinga year ago

We're thrilled to confirm our partner #Maxcoin is LIVE on #Linda ! #MSW is available on Google Play/Apple Store & will allow $MAX users to utilize a mobile wallet with send & receive functionality! #Lindacoin #LindaX #ICO #blockchain #crypto #btc

@Lindaprojecta year ago

New Taiwanese Exchange Rewards Users for Token Mining and Staking From Its Fee Revenue

New listed!  MaxCoin (MAX), OBITS (OBITS), Zilla (ZLA), Pandacoin (PND), SportyCo (SPF), Block Array (ARY) @getmaxcoin, @OpenLedgerDC, @zillatoken, @pandacoinpnd, @sportyco_io, @blockarraygroup

@ChartIndexa year ago

TRON’s Taiwanese support: TRX token migration completed on MAX exchange

ambcrypto.com2 years ago

We currently list the following pairings BTC|ETH|BCH with listings of @eBoostCoin @FlashCoins @ebtctoken @PolymathNetwork @Unbreakablcoin @Ravencoin @maxkeiser (MaxCoin) @SatoshiLite @ltc @alaristoken @Dashpay @piedpipercoin and proxycard #CryptoExchange #ProofOfBalances

@BoaExchange2 years ago

Maxcoin (MAX) News

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Market: $180.1k

Maxcoin (MAX) is currently the #1325 cryptocurrency by market cap at $180.1k USD. Trading volume for Maxcoin over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There have been no news stories on Maxcoin over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Maxcoin is Linda Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.