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Bitfinex to Delist 87 Crypto Trading Pairs Aiming to Improve Liquidity

Blockchain asset management protocol Melon releases v2.0 of manager interface

www.cryptoninjas.neta month ago

The Melon Council DAO has just received the MFP #3. The team is @GorillaFunds - the winners of the @KyberNetwork DeFi hackathon in 2019 in the Melon category & they want to build the "wordpress" for Melon funds Draft proposal here. Tell us what you think! …

@melonprotocola month ago

A big shout out to @AragonProject @chainlink @decentraland @renprotocol @iEx_ec Did you know your tokens $ANT $LINK $MANA $REN $RLC are now available and tradable in the latest Melon release? …

Big news today! A brand new & exciting v2.0 of the Melon Terminal is out brought to you by @avantgardefi The @melonprotocol DAO also approved a protocol upgrade... double whammy for MLN! Exciting times We look forward to your feedback …

@Mona_El_Isaa month ago

Melon makes it into the top 10 most active ERC-20 DAPP-projects for January. Find out what's been happening in @santimentfeed's Dev-activity report here …

@melonprotocol2 months ago

Blockchain asset managment protocol Melon opening new use-case hackathon

www.cryptoninjas.net3 months ago

Gorilla Funds aims to launch gateway for managing crypto funds on Melon

www.cryptoninjas.net4 months ago

TLDR: Here's the breakdown on @synthetix_io's new #DeFi basket synths sDEFI/iDEFI 25.00% $LINK @chainlink 25.00% $MKR @MakerDAO 13.00% $ZRX @0xProject 13.00% $SNX 6.00% $REN @renprotocol 6.00% $LRC @loopringorg 6.00% $KNC @KyberNetwork 3.50% $BNT @Bancor 2.50% $MLN @melonprotocol …

Introducing @GorillaFunds! Jakob Sievers recently won best Melon use-case in the @KyberNetwork #DeFi hackathon & it seems he's not going to stop there!! Check out what he's done & where he's going...We're loving the fast-growing Melon ecosystem …

@melonprotocol5 months ago

Members of the @MelonProtocol community used AirSwap Trader to safely swap 5K $MLN for 119 $WETH without trading fees. Try Trader out with your own tokens:  Transaction: …

@airswap5 months ago

Woorton is a new reserve manager on Kyber! Woorton will run a Fed Price Reserve for the @melonprotocol (MLN) token. This is part of our ongoing efforts to onboard more professional market makers to provide greater liquidity for Kyber Network. Learn more: …

@KyberNetwork5 months ago

#KyberDeFi Online Hackathon has been extended till 28 Oct! Over $42,000in prizes! Submit your DApp here:  If you need to get $LINK $MLN $SNX $WBTC while testing your DApp check out …

@KyberSwap6 months ago

Love seeing this. @KyberNetwork was one of the first natively integrated protocols with Melon. Their success brings more liquidity to Melon users which we love to see ! …

@melonprotocol6 months ago

Build with Melon! 2 teams win up to 500 MLN tokens (~$2000) each, from a $42,000 hackathon prize pool! @KyberNetwork #Ethereum @melonprotocol $MLN …

@EthereumNetw7 months ago

Thanks to everyone who attending Friends of @Melonprotocol meet-up in Hanoi yesterday and a big shout out to @kybernetwork & @LuongNguyen25 of Avantgarde Finance for representing Melon!

@avantgardefi7 months ago

#KyberDeFi Partner Spotlight: @melonprotocol is an open-source protocol which enables anyone to set up & manage a pooled asset vehicle on-chain Melon is offering 2 winners up to 500 MLN (~$2k) each for their bounty! … Register

@KyberNetwork7 months ago

CALL TO ACTION! Melon is teaming up with some amazing projects to bridge gaps in the DeFi ecosystem for a remote 8 week hackathon. Have a look at this blog for inspiration on combining @b0xNet with @melonprotocol whilst trading on @KyberNetwork …

@melonprotocol7 months ago

DAO for blockchain asset protocol Melon now live on AragonOS

www.cryptoninjas.net8 months ago

First Ethereum-Powered Banking Alternative Launches On iOS App Store

Melon Council members @woorton& @madeeba_ltd working on an infrastructure to bring more tokens & liquidity to @melonprotocol! Protocol currently supports $WETH $DGX $BAT $DAI $KNC $MKR $MLN $REP $USDC $WBTC $ZRX Which tokens would #DeFi users like to see added next?

Great to see the volume pick up in one of Melon's integrated exchanges! Nice work @KyberNetwork …

@melonprotocol10 months ago

Bittrex Bans US Customers From Trading OmiseGo, Status, Melon and Many More

www.trustnodes.com10 months ago

Melon (MLN) News

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Market: $3.8M

Melon (MLN) is currently the #489 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3.8M USD. Trading volume for Melon over the last 24 hours is $23.9k USD. There have been no news stories on Melon over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Melon is Melon Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.