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Congratulations to our partner iExec ! Looking forward to support your growing ecosystem with even more GPU cloud computing in the future! …

@GenesisCloud_2 days ago

iExec released its new version, V4, solving the scalability problem of blockchain applications and introducing transactions with zero fees. We're excited to announce the onboarding @GenesisCloud_ to provide GPU computing to @EDFofficiel through iExec. …

@iEx_ec3 days ago

Ethereum Ice Age May be Imminent If Miners Withdraw From Network

Monero Network Upgrade Is Providing Pros And Cons For Different Miners days ago

Temporal Founder Explains His Experience With Blockchain days ago

iExec V4 will allow access to GPU computation at ultra low cost, accelerating workloads and enabling new business applications. Get ready to meet the high-performance computing version.

@iEx_ec10 days ago

Monero Implements Hard Fork, Including New ASIC-Resistant Mining Algorithm

@Sumokoin_tweet @sumokoin @Sumo_nooM $SUMO is replacing the GPU mining version of $XMR after harkfork ! Appraise the data will make decision. The Network Difficulty 10X in 1 month, and NiceHash that have switched large amount of $XMR hashrate to $SUMO in a more automated

@AladdinCrypto14 days ago

@sumokoin is The litecoin of Monero and Miner-friendly. Welcome GPU miners to @Sumokoin_tweet $SUMO For preventing the ASIC miners, $XMR will occur the hard fork around 2019-11-30. The hash rate of the GPU (especially the A card) is greatly

@AladdinCrypto19 days ago

Does Mining Damage GPU | Find the Answers

coindoo.coma month ago

BTC Miners: No More Basement Rigs, Greater Profits to Come

cointelegraph.coma month ago

Have you ever wanted to start mining? Download our GUI Wallet and start passively mining using your CPU and GPU right from your desktop. See the the live stats of your hardware right from the graphical interface. Start mining $SEN here:

@consensus_aia month ago

What’s Your Alternative If Mining And Staking No Longer Pays Off?

Some great thoughts by @OhGodAGirl on GPU mining and what it sets out to accomplish. This is one of the many reasons why I support #ProgPOW for #DigiByte and think it will be a perfect upgrade for us! …

@dgb_chillinga month ago

Livepeer Prepares to Unlock New Way for GPU Miners to Earn Crypto

www.coindesk.com2 months ago

RLC Token Economics. "iExec allows the monetization of three kinds of resources: Computing power (CPU, GPU), datasets and applications." Read the full article: … #TokenEconomics $RLC

@iEx_ec2 months ago

Vertical and Horizontal Blockchain Scaling, Explained

CTO of @MatrixAINetwork Bill Li explain us how the new green & innovative #AIHash is working with GPU testnet Real #AI-Powered #blockchain will begin with GPU #mining on mainnet! the first phase of test is over... Exciting times! $MAN #crypto … $BTC $ETH

We have completed the #AImining test on the David Testnet, including AI image computing and CPU&GPU mining. Conclusion: · CPU verifiers caused delay to CPU mining. · Inconsistency happened during GPU/CPU float point calculation. · The AI mining algorithm needs to be

@MatrixAINetwork2 months ago

If you use CUDA-based GPU miner for Ergo, please update! Changes: 1) fixed memory leak issue 2) reduced CPU load 3) added HTTP info JSON with GPU hashrates, temperatures etc …

@chepurnoy2 months ago

Zclassic #2 most profitable GPU coins, #1 with No NiceHash compatability

@ZclassicCoin2 months ago

NiceHash Miner upgrade released with support for X16Rv2 algorithm

www.cryptoninjas.net2 months ago

We working on testing the new @MatrixAINetwork #GPU algorithm. We’re hoping to have a solution soon. Stay tuned! #Matrix #MAN $MAN #cryptocurrency

@Node_Forge3 months ago

AI Firm Core Scientific Acquires Creator of Mining Program Honeyminer

cointelegraph.com3 months ago

Honeyminer Acquired by Blockchain Firm Core Scientific

www.coindesk.com3 months ago

Nullex (GPU) News

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Market: $3.1M

Nullex (GPU) is currently the #1228 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3.1M USD. Trading volume for Nullex over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There have been 4 news stories on Nullex over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Nullex is Cointelegraph and the most common news category is Project Announcements.