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We are pleased to announce that #Utrum coin $OOT is getting listed on @KomodoPlatform Decentral Exchange - AtomicDEX. 24 October 2019  $KMD $BTC $ARRR $VRSC $ETH $XRP $USDT #crypto #cryptonews #cryptotrading

Multiverse Metadata Attack creator ITM @IsmailTM posts his 2nd tweet in 9yrs … Follow him. Follow the white rabbit Find the coin @MyHushTeam @KomodoPlatform @PirateChain @Jl777News @dukeleto @BizMunny @zooko @fluffypony $HUSH $ARRR $KMD $ZEC $XMR $BLUR

This bodes well for Store-of-Privacy coins like $HUSH, $BLUR, $ARRR and many others. The age of people truly attaching monetary value to their privacy is just beginning. Which is good, because corporations have valued and monetized our privacy long ago. …

@dukeleto4 months ago
Pirate Chain(ARRR)News
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Market: $7.4M

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is currently the #362 cryptocurrency by market cap at $7.4M USD. Trading volume for Pirate Chain over the last 24 hours is $2.3k USD. There have been no news stories on Pirate Chain over the last 7 days.