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China's #AI market is expected to account for 12% of the global total and reach $11.9 billion by 2023. …

@MatrixAINetwork18 hours ago

#Data is the lifeblood of AI @wef …

@DataBrokerDAOa day ago

#AI will add $16 trillion to the global economy by 2030 by @wef #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Fintech #HealthTech#DataScience #EmergingTech #Robotics #AutonomousVehicles4IR Cc: @mikequindazzi @swisscognitive @samiranghosh @alvinfoo @she

@Ronald_vanLoona day ago

Bitcoin Price Diary: 6 Altcoins That Are Currently Making Me Avoid BTC

It's been a while since the http://Effect.AI  team has done an AMA. Join @signalexpresss now and ask your questions. The team will have all the answers on Wednesday December 11 …

@effectaix4 days ago

Radiology researchers have started to show a lot of interest in AI lately. RSNA’s Radiology journal has shared that one of the most popular topics of 2019 was AI.  #AI #radiology #shivom #research #technology #innovation

@ProjectShivom5 days ago

See how @IoDlt's Axon, a blockchain-enabled edge computing device, AI, and Catapult blockchain, can provide a sustainable future for the massive amounts of data to come from IoT. Here: …

@NEMofficial6 days ago

We're looking forward to it! Join us tonight at 6PM @siliconallee for a special event in collaboration with @GCAAI_eV. @MedAIActivist, @sheenhuxin, and @trentmc0 will also be speaking. #IoT #smartcities #blockchain #AI … …

@oceanprotocol6 days ago

November was action-packed and exhilarating. From the innovative Single Sign-On system to the blockchain-based Global Identity and Consent network, here's everything happened at Nucleus Vision: #Blockchain #retail #IoT #AI …

@NucleusVision6 days ago

What Attracts Investors to Blockchain Gaming?

Canadian Government-Assisted Bitcoin Miner Files for Bankruptcy Owing Millions

www.coindesk.com6 days ago

In this demo, the AI mining machine #Apocalypse shows its superior capability in mining #MatrixAINetwork's blocks. If you are interested in learning more, kindly visit:

@MatrixAINetwork7 days ago

Chinese Insurance Giant Ping An’s Blockchain Arm Reveals Terms for $468M IPO

www.coindesk.com7 days ago

Berlin Imagine a city as a high-tech platform that continuously exchanges information, collaborates and adapts with its citizens as stakeholders. @sheenhuxin, CEO of @MXCfoundation elaborates AI, IoT, and the need to build smart cities. RSVP here: …

@oceanprotocol7 days ago

RedFOX Labs teams with Misfit Technologies to enhance blockchain apps with AI

www.cryptoninjas.net7 days ago

Alice Chan, Data Scientist at @Porsche Digital Lab Berlin, with a focus on #AI and innovation strategy based on solid data analysis. Meet her this Thursday at our last meetup of the year …

@oceanprotocol8 days ago

The Future of AI - @bengoertzel a world-leading AI scientist who is the CEO and founder of #SingularityNET relays his vision of the future and answers some very astute questions in a fireside chat with the CEO and Founder of @XccelerateSkill Lavine Hemlani

@singularity_net8 days ago

Here is a video of our blockchain presentation from a couple weeks ago. #blockchain #logistics using #DigiByte blockchain. We explored some really exciting ideas and you can imagine how automation and AI will come into play... …

@RealAdamWolfe8 days ago

IoTeX & @Arm are fueling innovation in #AI, #IoT, and #Blockchain to secure our digital future. Get a sneak peek of the IoTeX workshop at #ArmAIoTDevSummit: "End-to-End Security w/ Arm-based Devices & IoTeX Blockchain" #InternetOfTrustedThings …

@iotex_io9 days ago

AI has already started benefitting the UK with its vast applications in healthcare. AI is one of the innovative projects the UK is currently working on  #AI #shivom #healthcare #ML #sciencetech #technology

@ProjectShivom9 days ago

Hey #NEM Community, it's time for another #Catapult article! We dive into the concept of #AI swarm learning, edge computing, and how it can be used with #Catapult to save on IoT resources. Check it out on our blog! @NEMofficial @NemVentures …

@IoDlt10 days ago

The EU Fights the Corporatization of #AI and #Blockchain with a new 110 million euro fund to support research in these areas and comes at a critical time for the AI industry. Read more in this article written by @bengoertzel in the @Cointelegraph here:

@singularity_net11 days ago

EU Fights Corporatization of AI and Blockchain With Massive Investment

5 #blockchain trends from @VanRijmenam @Datafloq Convergence of blockchain and other technologies like AI or IOT, BaaS Hybrid blockchain Ricardian contracts STO The future looks (Uni)bright! #Blockchain #enterprise #framework $ubt #ERP …

@UnibrightIO12 days ago

Vienna Ocean Data Scientist @BenMarcusJones dives into empowering a new AI ecosystem at @WeAreDevs Congress on the #AI and #Blockchain stage.. Learn more about our open source blockchain solution and how it may unlock the true potential of AI. …

@oceanprotocol12 days ago


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