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Roughly 30 days left to BURN your QORA if you want to be included on the QORT chain - …

@qoracoina month ago

Claim FREE ReddCoin for watching videos – current returns: 864.2322 $RDD daily … $ALT $BOB $TRIG $UNIFY $ICASH $BAS $XEL $RSGP $SYNX $XSH $DRM $1CR $ASN $BXC $BBC $QRK $AC $VUC $GRS $DSH $CRW $DUO $EVO $QORA

Nxt was really important to bring the Crypto Ecosystem to the next level. It was the first real innovation after all this BTC-Clones and also first PoS-only-Crypto. The overall impact was massive and without Nxt most likely no IOTA, Lisk, Waves, Tezos, Byteball, Qora or Komodo.

@qora_official - #QORAnet - totally decentralized internet built on the QORA blockchain. Now reworking network layer to make SIP implementation, and all encryption on all data all the time. Re-launch coming soon. ;)

@crowetic2 years ago

Do YOU see what I SEE? Something's coming... can you take a gander of a guess at what it is? #QORA people, it's time to WAKE UP! #rebirth

@qora_official2 years ago
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There have been no news stories on Qora over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Qora is OBITS Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.