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Hello team @changeangel_io the team @X9developers has worked tirelessly on @XSNofficial project to bring the power of #decentralization to people and their community has always been active and constantly growing ...add $xsn #ChangeAngel #SocialGood #Stakenet $btc $ltc

@TcHoS74 months ago

Would you like to see @XSNofficial listed on  ? To vote for XSN to be added to insane's masternode shares and exchange platform please visit  and show your

@insanecoin5 months ago

These projects have officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative and got verified with V Label: MDA @moedaseeds, ZCN @0Chain, PCHAIN @pchain_org, FCT @FactomProtocol, XSN @XSNofficial. Apply to join Binance Info V Label: …

MNO Wallet Updates 2/7/19 $EPIC @theEpicCoin $EXO @Exosiscrypto $FXTC $ION @ionomics $KLKS @kalkulus_team $NIX @NIXplatform $TELOS @teloscoin $XSN @XSNofficial $XZC @zcoinofficial #masternodes #masternode

Recently, @MasterNodesPro ranked the 10 best #masternodes currently in existence. We believe, when used right, Masternodes can make a massive impact. 1: @Dashpay $DASH #DASH 2: @XSNofficial $XSN #XSN 3: @NIXplatform $NIX #NIX 4: @The_Blocknet $BLOCK #BLOCK 5: @wagerrx $WGR

@Alt__Magazine9 months ago

Wallet Updates for 1/13/19 $BBP @BiblePay $CZE @carbonzerocoin $INSN @insanecoin $NTRN @Neutron_Crypto $XSN @XSNofficial #masternode #masternodes

@_mn_o_9 months ago

Litecoin and Stakenet (XSN) Developers announce collaboration to develop Lightning Network

www.reddit.com10 months ago

Masternode exchange wars are heating up!! Three great projects, all releasing exchanges soon that will kickback $$ to investors, all massively undervalued!! $XLQ - MN = 0.37 BTC $XLR - MN = 0.33 BTC $XSN - MN = 0.44 BTC My money is on...all three!!

@mstrmasternodea year ago

Thankyou Stakenet for supporting #investfeed $XSN …

@investFeeda year ago

A likely unnoticed fact about #masternode adoption is that a subset of them actually have fiat pairings on #cryptoexchanges. Our research identified 23 #masternodes with at least one fiat gateway. $PIVX $XZC $SYS $XSN $PAC & $CRW all had at least 2, with $DASH linked to 12.

Four Altcoins for Q4 – ALTCOIN MAGAZINE – Medium (mentions GVT)

"HOBBIT NODES" $XZC @zcoinofficial $BWK @BulwarkCoin $XLR @SolarisCoin $DEV @DeviantCoin $RUPX @RupayaCoin $KLKS @kalkulus_team $PHR @PhoreCrypto $FOR @forcenetworkio $XSN @XSNofficial $SWM @TheSwarmFund (Image by @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona) #masternodes

"HOBBIT NODES" #Masternode Recap: $XZC @zcoinofficial $BWK @BulwarkCoin $XLR @SolarisCoin $RUPX @RupayaCoin $KLKS @kalkulus_team $DEV @DeviantCoin $PHR @PhoreCrypto $FOR @forcenetworkio $XSN @XSNofficial $SWM @swarmfund (Imagery by @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona )

#NodeMarketCap - A place where you can view detailed stats of your favourite Masternode coins including : $SMART $PHR $ION $XSN $GIN $POLIS $BITG $PAC $THC $XLR $ABS $XCG $DEV $XGS $RUPX $BND $XMN $QUAN $GRV $SLRC $BTDX $KEC $XZC $CRU $CRAVE and more!

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Market: $3.8M

Stakenet (XSN) is currently the #509 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3.8M USD. Trading volume for Stakenet over the last 24 hours is $955.3k USD. There have been no news stories on Stakenet over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Stakenet is InsaneCoin Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.