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The Syndicate to List Cosmos (ATOM) allocating Stellar (XLM) at 50% discount for CRO stakers  – The Syndicate Premieres with EOS Listing! $EOS #crypto …

@thenovuspherea month ago
0 Launches New Exchange Eyeing Top-10 Spot Within 5 Years

hey @coinbase so since you already rate us maybe time for add ? $EXCL #masternodes #masternode $PIVX $DASH $SYNX $TX $

Claim FREE ReddCoin for watching videos – current returns: 864.2322 $RDD daily … $ALT $BOB $TRIG $UNIFY $ICASH $BAS $XEL $RSGP $SYNX $XSH $DRM $1CR $ASN $BXC $BBC $QRK $AC $VUC $GRS $DSH $CRW $DUO $EVO $QORA

Day80|Coin88 - #Syndicate is now ready for cross-blockchain #dApps with new #Blocknet integration! @syndicatecoin brings state of the art business software to cross-chain ecosystems  + Trade $SYNX on new #BlockDX #DecentralizedExchange #dApp

@The_Blockneta year ago

Blockchain Startup Launches Platform for Risk-Managed ICO Investments

bitcoinmagazine.com2 years ago

Proof of stake experiment episode 40 - Bear Market hell.  via @alphacrypto8 1) $RDD #ReddCoin 2) $BITB #BeanCash 3) $SYNX #Sindicate @StakeBox @SkyCorridors we got to get this market turned around!

@DeanLogic2 years ago

Proof of stake experiment episode 39  via @YouTube #cryptocurrency #ProofOfStake #1 #ReddCoin $RDD @reddcoin #2 #BitBean $BITB @BitBeanCoin #3 #Syndicate $SYNX @syndicatecoin "Stake it all!" ~ @SkyCorridors @StakeBox

@DeanLogic2 years ago

Absolutely insane how many project are already running on the $DP #masternode #hosting #network! And that's just in the last 3 months! Sleeping giant! $RUPX $ELLI $AEG $XSN $QBIC $VIVO $INN $JIYO $EXTN $XAP $POLIS $CRW $CROWN $SYNX $DP $VSYNC $COLX $PHR $PURE $XMCC $TROLL

@Di0nysos_2 years ago

Syndicate [SYNX] listed! …  #Syndicate #synx $synx

@CryptoCurrEncyX3 years ago

Syndicate (SYNX) News

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Market: $66.6k

Syndicate (SYNX) is currently the #1579 cryptocurrency by market cap at $66.6k USD. Trading volume for Syndicate over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There have been no news stories on Syndicate over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Syndicate is ReddCoin Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.