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Check out $THC on Utrum! … Utrum's community business model is a revolutionary approach where we share platform revenues with our members in the form of content rewards. #hempcoin #hempfarming #cannabis #cryptocurrency #cbd

@awallace133725 days ago

#Utrum's Portal shows, Charts, Reviews, Insights, Reports & Predictions posted by members ; voted by members. Utrum will also provide #URS (Utrum Reputation Score) to recognize quality of member posts. Anyone can become a top performer if they have skills & earn $OOT

@The_Crypto__7 months ago

Keep your head low, work hard when everyone is sitting back, it will pay off once the platform is online soon! $OOT @utrumdotio $KMD @KomodoPlatform …

@Jacobstoon7 months ago

Congratulations to @DijitalParaAS and Many thanks to the CEO, @alisermettas for including $KMD FIRST in Turkey. I hope you can include all @KomodoPlatform assets in your exchange soon so people can buy directly with #TRY. They're $VRSC $GLXT $PRLPAY $ZILLA $BNTN $OOT $EQL $MNZ …

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Market: $303.5k

Utrum (OOT) is currently the #1216 cryptocurrency by market cap at $303.5k USD. Trading volume for Utrum over the last 24 hours is $503.9 USD. There have been no news stories on Utrum over the last 7 days.