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As you might know we are working with Fantom on government integrations, so we figured it was a great time to do a joint-AMA as $VIDT is competing in the @binance community voting! Please follow @binance & @v_id_blockchain & @FantomFDN & join us at … !

@v_id_blockchaina day ago

Thanks for the invite Fantomians Anyone with questions on $VIDT and $FTM is very welcome to join! @binance @LTOnetwork @dusk @DigiByteCoin @morpheuslabs_io …

@v_id_blockchain2 days ago

We're incredibly excited to share that the @v_id_blockchain team will join us in the Fantom Telegram group tomorrow for an AMA. Find out more details down below. $VIDT $FTM Time: 3 PM CET, 16th of February, Sunday Location: …

@FantomFDN2 days ago

We are super humbled that Binance selected VIDT for the @Binance Community vote!! Want to know more about $VIDT in only 2 min? Plz check out our welcome-page.  PS Big article on our collaboration with IBM and another client confirmation coming soon!

@v_id_blockchain4 days ago

Fantom & V-ID join forces and start working on multiple Government projects early 2020 … @FantomFDN @Cointelegraph @crypto_briefing #Blockchain #BUIDL $VIDT $

@v_id_blockchain2 months ago

We're stoked to be able to work together with @v_id_blockchain on multiple government projects starting early 2020 involving different use cases like securing certificates, and medical records. $FTM $VIDT …

@FantomFDN2 months ago

#Unibright $UBT - Weekly Update - Custodian Services, STO Platforms, Cross-Chain and Decentralised Oracles … $BTC $ETH $LTC #STO #Tokenization $POLY $DUSK $CHX $DAG $BNB $KCS $SWM $OWN $VIDT $IDEX $QNT $LINK $OCEAN #DeFi $EOS $XEM $MITX $SLT $UBT #Libra

Are you looking for those 100x gains in 2020? Check out Nik Patel's top 5 coin picks! $KMD $NKN $FTM $DAG $VIDT …

@beincrypto3 months ago

Today is the last day to vote for $VIDT #Rembrandt Project in the Dutch Innovation Award!  Please vote & retweet as this would be a huge step for V-ID, our partners and #Blockchain Tech in general! @Binance_DEX @LTOnetwork @DigiByteCoin

@v_id_blockchain5 months ago

Here’s a recap of the coins we’ve listed recently: Videocoin $VID (@VideoCoinHQ) V-ID $VIDT (@v_id_blockchain) Fantom $FTM (@FantomFDN) GoChain $GO (@go_chain) Energi $NRG (@Energicrypto) Quant $QNT (@quant_network) More to come! …

Joshua Jenster (V-ID) and Rudy Bouwman (DigiByte) kicking it in a great Veritas brainstorm session. More info coming soon! #Blockchain #SSI #SelfSovereignIdentity #DigitalIdentity $VIDT $DGB @ANTUMID @DigiByteCoin

@v_id_blockchain6 months ago

Great strategic session with the boys from ⁦@FantomFDN⁩ and ⁦@DuskFoundation⁩ ! #binancefamily ⁦@binance⁩ ⁦@cz_binance⁩ $VIDT $FTM $BNB $

Its a great honor to be part of this family! Big thanks to @LTOnetwork and @FantomFDN for assisting with our Swap Bridge (Tai Wu on us guys.. ) Also we already started with anchoring tests in BEP2.. can't wait to show the first @Binance Chain validated documents! $VIDT #DEX

@v_id_blockchain7 months ago

Did you know? That Coinswitch offers a wonderfully easy interface to trade $LTO, $FTM, $DGB & $VIDT with just an $ETH address.. no exchange account required! … They also offer a great referral program.. @coinswitch @LTOnetwork @DigiByteCoin

#DigiByte is proud to be part of the technology offered by @v_id_blockchain. They are shortlisted for the Computable Award - Digital Innovation, with just 10 other companies, including Amazon Web Services, IBM, KLM and Cisco. $DGB $VIDT

@DigiByteCoin8 months ago

This nomination of @v_id_blockchain for the @computablenl award is very much deserved. V-ID is producing real #Blockchain use-cases and is THE authority in the field of validation & verification with customers like AmSpec. Very honored #DigiByte is part of their solution! $VIDT …

@RudyBouwman8 months ago

This Week in Blockfolio Signal — June 21st $XMR, $LTC, $IOTA, $FSN, $QSP, $SAN, $VIDT, $DATA & $ARDR Wise MPay Partnership … via @blockfolio

@AvdiuSazan8 months ago

Finally, it's official We are very proud to welcome our new customer AmSpec! Learn more at  $VIDT @Brad_Laurie @APompliano @LTOnetwork @DigiByteCoin @BCcoalitionNL

@v_id_blockchain8 months ago

V-ID’s Mysterious ‘BRU’ Revealed

Woah! @DigiByteCoin and @v_id_blockchain are teaming up to fight fraud Read more here:  - #DGB #VIDT #DigiByte #BlockChainNews

@cryptomurmura year ago

V-ID (VIDT) News

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Market: $7.9M

V-ID (VIDT) is currently the #383 cryptocurrency by market cap at $7.9M USD. Trading volume for V-ID over the last 24 hours is $1.3M USD. There have been 4 news stories on V-ID over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering V-ID is FANTOM Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.