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Zcash Bug Could Reveal Shielded Full Nodes’ IP Addresses

Read about #Hushlist protocol for #private #messaging: … One of the cool things is that it's quite #censorship resistant because it is not depending on one single #blockchain, but runs on $HUSH, $ZEC, $KMD, $ZCL, $ZEN, $VOT, $BTCZ & $BTCH #privacy

Decentralized Prediction Markets: Gambling or a Window to the Future?

VoteCoin (VOT) News

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Market: $73.7k

VoteCoin (VOT) is currently the #1535 cryptocurrency by market cap at $73.7k USD. Trading volume for VoteCoin over the last 24 hours is $53 USD. There have been no news stories on VoteCoin over the last 7 days.