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The #AndromedaStrain is 49 years old today #Scifi ... It was WAY ahead of its time, and still a bit of a slog. But if you've never seen it - it's not a bad investment of 2h11m of entertainment with a certain degree of relevance to what's going on today... #pandemic #coronavirus …

@IvanTumaJr23 days ago

Clarifying moment for me this morning. I wanted to make a medium size trade (~2K). I checked the pricing on Coinbase & then checked out a DEX aggregator. The DEX aggregator pricing was WAY better (3%). DEX is no longer just for safe, convenient small trades. -->

@HendoVentures2 months ago

Trade WAY on LATOKEN!  Bitway is a cryptocurrency integrated with an advanced hydropower Bitcoin mining network and automatic monthly payouts in Ethereum. More on project:

Lol another exchange bites the dust. This particular Canadian exchange bragged about going WAY over the top in collecting dox and private information. I started the signup process on a lark and it was laughable. My own mom doesn't know that shit Diving in to see what went "wrong" …

@notsofast5 months ago

@Namecoin is one of those projects that WAY more people should know about. #Freedom #Privacy #PrivacyIsAHumanRight …

@LiveWill28 months ago

I'd say did:peer DIDs are WAY more powerful that SSL. Platform for direct msging, no oversharing email addrs, no correlatable IDs across services, peer verification vs server only, and platform for verf. creds exchange. Try a demo and think about what's happening. #mindblowing …

@scurranC3I9 months ago

Crypto Seems Ready to Solve Gaming Industry’s Microtransaction Dilemma

It's now WAY easier to get onboard the TokenCard Alpha Download today for instant access through TestFlight on iOS.

@tokencard_io10 months ago

It's been brought to our attention that some scammers are violating the SunContract trademark. We are in NO WAY affiliated with . We have not rebranded our company name, and our team members are not working for them. SNC token symbol also remains

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