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Chinese TV Gives Boost to EOS & Blockchain Gaming

Weekly Roundup: BTC to $40k? Ripple Travels to Brazil & Ubisoft Shows Interest in Crypto

Assassin’s Creed Publisher Making Moves Towards Crypto & Blockchain

Thx @BPetridis from the @ChicoCrypto community who has appeared in Chicos videos before scanning code, for the indepth research & scanning of @FantomFDN Github Good news for $ftm he has rated the project AAA top rating … #vantanetwork #Fantom

@arrangedchaos5 months ago

So proud to be releasing this craziest AAA-game on #TheAbyss. #AtomicHeart shooter by MundFish studio (@mundfish) looks SO DAMN GOOD at the @UnrealEngine stand at #GDC2019 #Gaming #GDC

"If HODLing is "using Bitcoin" then buying a AAA battery and keeping it in a drawer is "using" the battery" -/u/jessquit …

@Bitcoin6 months ago

On the future of blockchain games: “10 years ago, if you talked to AAA studios about free-to-play, they’d laugh at you and say this is the stupidest idea ever. Today, FTP dominates the gaming industry, and the same will happen to blockchain games” @swaysnt #niTROn2019

@BitGuildPLAT8 months ago

*******ALL LIFETIME KILLS!******* now awarded for #BF1 and #BF4! *Get Paid To Play #Battlefield * >1 $PHO per kill through 11/20 >10 PHO/Kill thereafter- plus start of #BF5 #BFV #indiegame #AAA #crypto #unity3d #twitch #steam Register today! >> http://WWW.BLAKEZONE.COM

@BlakeZoneOnline10 months ago

Hodler’s Digest, September 16-23: Elon Musk Wants Advice on Twitter Crypto Scammers, the US SEC Wants Comments on BTC ETFs

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