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*Listing Announcement* @PirlOfficial is now available to trade on ! $BTC:  $ETH:  $XLR:  $PIRL #PIRL

@txbit_io9 months ago

UBIQ and PIRL pools updated. Ready for the upcoming fork. IMPORTANT only for UBIQ miners will need to use ubiqminer. More info:  Ubiqminer: … @ubiqsmart @CryptoUbiq @PirlOfficial

@altpool_proa year ago

Make sure to vote! $PIRL $BWK …

@CryptoGata year ago

Ledger Wallet Adds 7 New Coins, Including EOS (EOS)

#TrezorOne #firmware v1.6.3 now supporting more #Ethereum #networks: #ESN, #AKA, #EGEM, #ETHO, #MUSI, #PIRL, #ATH, #GO @akroma_io @Ether1Official @ETHERGEMCOIN @musicoins @PirlOfficial @atheioschain @go_chain @ESNfoundation @cryptocasca @hackyminer …

@mkrufkya year ago

Almost finished with my new video on my top 5 speculative masternode coins $GIN $BWK $XLR $PIRL $THC

Pirl (PIRL) News

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Market: $413.2k

Pirl (PIRL) is currently the #1115 cryptocurrency by market cap at $413.2k USD. Trading volume for Pirl over the last 24 hours is $7.2k USD. There have been no news stories on Pirl over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Pirl is Solaris Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.