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We are back with another blog from our CEO @matmichalko! With the recent launch of the @ALAX_io store, he thought it would be fitting to share his two cents about ALAX and its potential growth in the gaming sector.

@DECENTplatform7 months ago

Check out the @ALAX_io video recap from the launch event earlier this month! Follow #ALAX to support their journey to increase independent #game #developers to build on the #decentralized ALAX game store!

@DECENTplatform7 months ago

To get involved and be a part of the blockchain mobile game industry revolution, you can start now by downloading our ALAX platform at :  Or enjoy the seamlessness of our mobile wallet at …

@ALAX_io8 months ago

Hello #Vietnam! Come join us and @ALAX_io tomorrow to experience the very first #Blockchain App Store for mobile called #ALAX Store and change the way you experience #gaming forever. ALAX is powered by our #DCore technology. RSVP here: … …

@DECENTplatform8 months ago

2 months left of the ALAX Token Swap! @ALAX_io is in the process of switching to the #DCore platform. Due to this switch, all ALX tokens will be swapped from #ERC20 to $DCT. If you have any questions, please read through our detailed guide here: …

ALX Token Swap Begins NOW! ALX is now ready to begin migration to @DECENTplatform #DCore Blockchain! For more info on how to swap, check our blog at … The swap is mandatory and will begin on 14 November 2018 on 09.00AM GMT until Tuesday, 29 December 2019

Finally! @ALAX_io is officially moving to our #DCore platform this WEDNESDAY, NOV 14 from 9:00 AM GMT. For all #ALX token holders, please read our dedicated blog post to find out more on the token swap from #ERC20 to $DCT. …

ALAX taps DECENT’s DCore blockchain to bring mobile gaming content to millions

www.cryptoninjas.neta year ago

ATTENTION For all ALX token holders - please follow this thread for important information about the upcoming ALX Token Swap happening in Day! …

@DECENTplatforma year ago

Quick #announcement to our #ALAX community! We have started a live testing of our migration to #DCore. You may have observed some transactions occuring on #DECENT's Explorer during this process. You can view the #Explorer here:

@ALAX_ioa year ago


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Market: $55k

ALAX (ALX) is currently the #1601 cryptocurrency by market cap at $55k USD. Trading volume for ALAX over the last 24 hours is $731.2 USD. There have been no news stories on ALAX over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering ALAX is DECENT Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.