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As regulation, KYC, and delestings occurre, AtomicDEX will be the only alternative..... This will be big. #Komodo @MyHushTeam $KMD $RFOX $ZILLA $BTC $VRSC $BAT $DASH $ETH $LTC $DOGE $DGB $QTUM $RVN $USDC $BCH ... …

Soon #Hush will be available on the #AtomicDex from the @KomodoPlatform. #Komodo @MyHushTeam $KMD $RFOX $ZILLA $BTC $VRSC $BAT $DASH $ETH $LTC $DOGE $DGB $QTUM $RVN $USDC $BCH

I just tipped @khanacademy using the Brave Browser. Check it out at . #TipWithBrave

@brianbondy6 days ago

Interview With @lukemulks From @brave Director of BD at Brave and the Basic Attention Token. Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web

@dtboyd6 days ago

Bancor Plans To Airdrop Its Entire BNT/ETH Reserve To Token Holders

Winklevoss’ Gemini Crypto Exchange Launches Custody Service

Decentralized Brave Browser Tops Chrome in Google Play Rankings in Japan

cointelegraph.com9 days ago

"Komodo’s Long-Anticipated AtomicDEX Goes Public Beta" @KomodoPlatform "The Holy Grail of the industry" is here $BTC $BCH $KMD $QTUM $RVN $DASH $DGB $BAT $VRSC $ZILLA $ETH $LTC $USDC $BAT $RFOX $DOGE all supported at launch! …

Wow, just got a brave / $BAT advert from one of the largest pizza restaurant chain's in the UK @pizzahut. @brave team doing doing great things!

@xHogglet16 days ago

Congrats to all the creators listed at  - and to the @Brave / @AttentionToken team. As @Mandarstwit observed, “There is only one other chart I know that had 250K content publishers sign up in 2 years - it was the iOS store.”

@BrendanEich17 days ago

BAT tokens on Brave meant to eradicate conventional payment methods, claims Brendan Eich

eng.ambcrypto.com19 days ago

New post (Brave Browser Announces Development of Crypto Wallet for ETH and BAT) has been published on Techannouncer Technology News and Reviews -  @TechAnnouncer #technology #latestnews #techannouncer #startups #blockchain

@E_Drachma19 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports Stablecoins: TrueUSD, Maker, USD Coin

#Samsung appears to have already added support for #Bitcoin $BTC and another 32 coins to its #GalaxyS10, including @AttentionToken's $BAT, @PundiXLabs's $NPXS, @MakerDAO's $MKR. …

@CryptonewsCom19 days ago

Our CEO @brendaneich was recently featured on @cheddar's "Between Bells" and discussed why he founded @brave, how Brave users reward online creators with BAT, as well as opt-in Brave Ads that preserve privacy and reward users with 70% of the revenue share. …

@AttentionToken20 days ago

Brave Users Can Now Donate to Wikipedia with BAT

btcmanager.com20 days ago

Now you can donate BAT to @wikipedia, a newly Verified Publisher on the @brave platform! Rewarding great content and supporting online publishers are seamless with Brave Rewards. …

@AttentionToken21 days ago

Wikipedia becomes official Brave Publisher

thebitcoinnews.com21 days ago

Brave To Develop Its Own Wallet

www.ethnews.com21 days ago

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Rises on Announcement of New Brave Wallet

cryptovest.com21 days ago

Brave Browser Announces Development of Crypto Wallet for ETH and BAT

cointelegraph.com22 days ago

Brave browser rolls out ‘Metamask-like’ crypto wallets for ETH, Ethereum tokens

www.theblockcrypto.com22 days ago

Brave Crypto Wallets’ update to support ETH and ERC-20 tokens

eng.ambcrypto.com22 days ago

Wikipedia Joins this Crypto-Based Content Rewards System

coingape.com22 days ago

Brave Expands Crypto Tipping to Reddit and Vimeo After Twitter

cointelegraph.com24 days ago
Market: $262.4M

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently the #31 cryptocurrency by market cap at $262.4M USD. Trading volume for Basic Attention Token over the last 24 hours is $30.3M USD. There have been 4 news stories on Basic Attention Token over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Basic Attention Token is Basic Attention Token Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.