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BAT gears up for bullish ride; Link and Synthetix trend downwards

Bitcoin Diamond records 11% surge as EOS, SNX try to keep up

eng.ambcrypto.com4 days ago

Happy to be participating in the @synthetix_io network again. Missed my $SNX. Re-entered @ quite a discount too. Also comfy w: my little bag of $KNC. Out of all the defi toys, I use @KyberNetwork the most.

@squatch_crypto5 days ago

Yesterday, two transactions totaling 1.17M $SNX (@synthetix_io) was trustlessly traded without third-party escrows, deposits, or trading fees. For over-the-counter trading, use AirSwap OTC:

@airswap12 days ago

Crypto Synthetic Assets, Explained

DeFi Platform Synthetix to Launch Ethereum-Powered Derivatives Trading

btcmanager.coma month ago

India Ban Overturned, BTC Owners Warned They’ll Lose Everything, Hodler’s Digest, Mar. 2–8

STAKING OVERVIEW The projects are sorted by Adjusted Rewards. Data is provided by @StakingRewards. Top 5 are @HorizenGlobal @COTInetwork @IncognitoChain @ElrondNetwork and @BelacamOfficial $ZEN $COTI $PRV $ERD $BELA $ENQ $FTM $XLQ $SHIFT $TPAY $RADS $LPT $TRTT $SNX $

Bitcoin Momentum Investing — Does Buy the Dump, Sell the Pump Work?

We're trialling an SNX auction to support the sETH/ETH peg using the dFusion protocol designed by @gnosisPM. …

@synthetix_ioa month ago

Institutions Eye Bitcoin as Hedge Against Global Economic Volatility

Bitcoin Hits $10K, Coinbase Controversy, Buffet with Buffett: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 3–9

Playing with @gelatofinance and my #DeFi brain is on overdrive. Here's an example of a Limit Sell Order for SNX! A Limit Order is what traders use to say "sell at X price or higher." IF (Condition): 1 SNX = 1.50 DAI or more THEN (Action): Sell 10 SNX on

@DeFi_Dad2 months ago

STAKING OVERVIEW The projects are sorted by Adjusted Rewards. Data is provided by @StakingRewards. Top 3 are: @Synthetix_io $SNX @FantomFDN $FTM @BelacamOfficia $BELA $ERD $XLQ $SHIFT $LPT $TPAY $ZEN $LUNA $TRTT $RADS $ICX $

Synthetix Network Token (@synthetix_io, $SNX) has been listed on #Switcheo Exchange! Check it out: … Find out more here: …

@SwitcheoNetwork2 months ago

$SNX @synthetix_io is among our tracked top 10 ERC-20 projects currently. We looked through the #synthetix historical balance dashboard, emerging trends, and top holders dashboard to gauge its value as a long-term hold. Check out our featured insight! …

@santimentfeed3 months ago

Synth USD ($sUSD) by @synthetix_io is now available via Eidoo! sUSD tracks the price of a single US Dollar (USD), remaining constant at 1. Simply swap it with $ETH $USDC, $DAI, $USDT or even $SNX (just integrated yesterday!)

We partnered with @UniswapExchange giving you new token opportunities & access to even more liquidity! Stock up on $SNX by @synthetix_io & get exposure to assets like #gold #Bitcoin $USD & #TESLA  Just swap it for $ETH, $USDC or $DAI

Bitcoin Breakout Hopes, Telegram Trial, Binance Donation: Hodler’s Digest, Jan. 6–12

24h PRICE CHANGE GAINERS: @Lympo_io(#LYM): +41.8% @swissborg(#CHSB): +24.3% @PALNetwork_(#PAL): +23.4% #BCHSV: +20.1% LOSERS: @GAMBproject(#GMB): -11.3% #MAP: -11.1% @synthetix_io(#SNX): -10.8% #PriceMovers #Kucoin #SmartLiquidity Join

Best Performing Cryptos of 2019 Not Named Bitcoin

Searching for Synthetix: Which Token Will Be Next Year’s 50x Winner?

news.bitcoin.com4 months ago

AirSwap Weekly (Dec. 2-8, 2019) - Total Volume: 3,403 $ETH - Largest Trade: 436 $ETH - Avg. Trade Size on Instant: 21.6 $ETH - Avg. Trade Size on Trader: 109.2 $ETH - Most Popular Tokens: $DAI, $SNX, $TRB - Most Popular Countries: , ,

@airswap4 months ago

AirSwap Weekly (Nov. 18-24, 2019): - Total Volume: 8,118 $ETH - Largest Trade: 641 $ETH - Average Trade Size on Instant: 29 $ETH - Average Trade Size on Trader: 313 $ETH - Most Popular Tokens: $DAI, $SAI, $SNX - Most Popular Countries: , ,

@airswap4 months ago

100000.000000 $SNX traded for 111720.000000 $USDC (1.117200 SNX/USDC) …

@AirSwapBot5 months ago

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) News

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Market: $134M

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) is currently the #40 cryptocurrency by market cap at $134M USD. Trading volume for Synthetix Network Token over the last 24 hours is $3.3M USD. There have been 3 news stories on Synthetix Network Token over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Synthetix Network Token is KyberNetwork Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.